@1lrg answers the 10@10

Hello folks and thanks for swinging by the @clobbercalm 10@10!

This week RRL collecting Mark Large @1lrg throws us his insights on is dancing IG feed as he answers 10 of our best.

Extremely humble, and being very generous with his time, Mark told us what it is he does, how he does it and why he does it regarding his successful feed

Mark thanks again for being a feature on the @clobbercalm 10@10.

Everybody else just kick back and enjoy!


NAME: Mark Large aka @1lrg
AGE: 45
LOCATION: London, England

1. So Why Instagram?

I guess I prefer Instagram because I’m a very visual person, also I’m quite a quiet person so although I use other apps such as Facebook I don’t have as much to say as other people so Instagram is a really good fit for me.

2. Why Denim, Boots, Workwear, Ruggedness?

I first found denim when I was about 10 years old, I simply had to have a pair of Levis 501s. In England at the time we were having a revival of an early 60s movement called modernism, and this had caught my eye, so here started a lifelong affair with denim. Like most people, my style has changed with time but due to my ‘mod’ roots, which gave me a love of Americana, I became aware of more and more American brands. These each had created a classic iconic item which is still ‘recreated’ today by other brands. These classics have over time come together to create my current love of the ‘rugged’ look; casual cool, denim, workwear etc etc. Buy classic well made iconic items and they’ll last a lifetime, trends come and go but those classic staples can be worn forever, I’m still wearing items I bought 20 years ago, sure some have sat in the wardrobe a few years, but when I put them on again they don’t look outdated. I guess that’s why and how I enjoy a good rugged outfit.

3. What are your thoughts on the rise in popularity of “Instafashion” and the community it is creating?

Posting photos of my clothes has been such a positive in my life, the community is so supportive and great to be a part of. I’ve made great friends through Instagram and my travels are always enhanced as I always seem to be meeting up with Instagram friends who give me an extra angle on their city.

I’ve bought Ralph Lauren for a long time now so I’ve got to say it’s my favourite brand, particularly Double RL. Levis vintage clothing is another favourite of mine, as mentioned, I started my denim life with 501s and I’ve always bought them since. Eastman leather clothing is a brand I love, their attention to detail when they recreate a piece of history is amazing, my B3 jacket from them is awesome and just gets better with wear.


4. Top 3 brands to shop and why?

Double RL
Levis Vintage Clothing
Eastman Leather

5. Where’s your favourite place to shop these brands

I love the look and feel of the Double RL stores, I’ve been to almost all of them but Mount Street in London is my local, unfortunately it’s due to close in June this year, which is upsetting, but hopefully it won’t be too long before a new one opens.

I buy most of my LVC from Stylecreep or the LVC store, both in London. LVC have a great set up and Stylecreep always look after me.

I get my Eastman Leather Clothing direct from Eastman via their website, I know my sizes but they’re always helpful if I have any questions, all of the above I highly recommend.


6. When did you decide to voice and share your love for your clobber on social media?

I started focusing on showing my clothes on Instagram when I saw others doing it, in particular Julien Landa, when I first saw his feed I was struck by his style and panache, and always having had a love of clothing, Instagram seemed the obvious outlet for me.

7. What’s the secret behind your great images; Who takes them? When are they taken? How do you capture the magic your followers enjoy so much?

My wife Helen takes most of my pictures now, I used to take them myself and put them in a grid, shoes, layers, details etc but as l almost always wear a hat, I find it better aesthetically to take a picture of the whole outfit, it seems to be appreciated at the moment, so I guess I’ll continue to pester Helen for photos, she usually takes 5 or 6 so there’s always one that’s perfect, and she also has the know how to tell me to lift my chin up, fold my shirt differently or stand up straight!

8. What feeds do you like to follow and check in on? Who should we check out?

There’s so many great feeds out there I’m sure I’ll forget to mention a few so apologies if you’re one of them. I mentioned Julien Landa earlier and he’s definitely on my list. All the Double RL guys are there, Jackie Greaney too, she seems to capture a great slice of the America that I love. Likewise, so does Dave Money.

Being a hat fan I love the Matt Deckard feed.

Vintage American Workwear always posts great original photos, fantastic inspiration.

The denim dudes feed is great for everything denim related.


9. What tips would you give new starter on instagram to help them get there feed off the ground and successful?

If you’re starting out on Instagram I’d say get involved with the community, chat to people, make comments. Photo wise, play with the filters, look at what others are doing and try to do something with your own twist or style and hashtag as much as you can, it’ll give you a broader audience.

10. And Lucky Last, You’re going to be stranded on a desert island and you can take 1 outfit (4 items) Only with you. 

What would they be? And Why?

If I had to choose only 4 items of clothing to be stranded on a desert island on I’d have to go for the ‘classics’. I have an old gray fedora that has been all around the world with me, it’s bashed and bruised but just gets better and better. I’d choose to wear my RRL ‘Boondockers’ on my feet, you can’t go wrong with a good pair of rough out boots. A pair of army style chinos would be a must, comfortable and stylish. Finish it off with a good quality chambray shirt and that’s me set for the tropical climate, although ideally I’d have more layers and choices.

Woah! Awesome Mark. You’re the first to take Chambray onto the island brother!

If you enjoyed this feature, and haven’t already, make sure you drop by @1lrg the next time you’re on Insta! It’s a must…

Anyway folks, onto next week which will feature a man of few words named Jacques AKA @spiceyrec.

Openly admitting he does not understand Instagram and that it’s not his generation he’s still managed to obtain over 25K followers (and counting) and maintain a feed that delivers interesting images and snippets on a daily basis.

Something tells me there is more to this sharp chap than meets the eye (for want of a better phrase).

Check back next week to find out for yourself as @spiceyrec answers the 10@10.

Big thanks
Ben @clobbercalm


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