@tellason answers the 10@10

Hello folks.

How was your weekend? Incredible and full of adventure I hope?!

Welcome to the first edition of our new ‘THE BRANDS BEHIND THE MENSWEAR’ 10@10 series that will be pinging your way each and every Monday from now until…well, I’m not sure but a long time I hope!

I’m not going to harp on too much at his point as I must have mentioned a dozen times already how excited I am to kick this series off with USA denim brand @tellason so let’s roll straight into it folks.

Please sit back, relax, crack open a beer and enjoy the thoughts and insights from Tony PaTELLA @tellason as he answers the @clobbercalm 10@10.



NAME: Tony Patella
POSITION: Co-Founder
COMPANY: Tellason
LOCATION: Sausalito, Calif.
SIZE OF TEAM: 3 employees (does not include international distributors)
SPECIALITY/COMPANY FOCUS: Men’s selvedge jeans, denim jackets and shirts

1. Straight forward, please tell us, how did your company Tellason start out?

Towards the end of 2008, Pete Searson and I were talking about our next steps in this industry after careers of almost 20 years. I was a partner in a denim company in the 1990s in San Francisco and had always wanted to get back in the denim world. We spent 100 days developing one fit in one fabric and went on the road to sell it. It sold well and we were now a denim company.

2. For the guys that may not have read the story on your website. Where did the name Tellason originate?

Tony PaTELLA & Pete SearSON.

3. What are your top 3 bestselling items? Why do you think this is?

1) Our Ladbroke Grove slim tapered jean in 14.75 oz Cone Mills White Oak selvedge denim

2) Our John Graham Mellor slim straight jeans in 16.5 oz Cone Mills White Oak selvedge denim

3) Our Ankara straight leg jean in 12.5 oz Cone Mills White Oak selvedge.

The LG sells well because it is a fit that has appeal in many countries around the world — it is slim, but not too slim. The JGM was our original fit and is good modern, slim straight fit that works for many guys. The Ankara is actually the best selling fit on our website and this is probably because it is a true, old school straight leg with a mid-rise. Comfortable, but not a “dad jean”.

4. What’s your personal favourite garment when it comes to the items you manufacture?

At the moment, I have two favorites — our Sheffield straight tapered jean in 14.75 oz and our fatigue pants in Japanese camouflage. Kinda like asking a parent which of their children is their favorite though.

5. What are your thoughts on the rise of Instagram fashion and the chaps that post their clothing on there to help spread the word of their fave brands?

On one hand I like it — it is nice to see how people around the world style and wear the products they buy (ours and others). On the other hand, it is a bit precious and sometimes I wish people would go outside and turn their phone off.

6. Has it made an impact on your business at all, do you think?

100%. It is a great way to interact with customers and announce new products.


7. Is there any feeds on IG that you particularly like to check-in on regular. What brands are you fond of on there? What menswear feeds to you like to peruse?

So that I don’t piss off someone I may fail to mention, let’s just say that I go through my feeds, but if I happen to miss something, I’m not too bummed. Keeping up with everything is overwhelming.

8. A quick one about you. Other than the business, what passions do you have in life? What flicks your switch and helps you relax?

We live a beautiful part of the world – just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, getting outside is paramount, whether it be the mountains, the beach or the bay. I also love to fly fish, but don’t do it nearly enough. My two favorite sports teams, the San Francisco Giants and AS Roma, keep me busy as I rarely miss a game.


9. What do you consider to be the best thing about your business and why?

I’m most proud of our core denim products — six fits for men, each in three different Cone Mills White Oak selvedge denims, two of the fits in black Japanese selvedge denim, our trucker and coverall jackets in three of these denim fabrics and our Topper denim shirt. We are continuously making these products and endeavor to never be sold out of sizes. This allows consumers and retailers to get what they want when they need it. To me, this is one of the cornerstones of good customer service.

10. And Lucky Last, You’re going to be stranded on a desert island and you can take 1 outfit (4 items) only with you. And 1 choice of drink.

What would they be? And Why?

That’s easy — our Sheffield jeans in 14.75 oz, a black t-shirt, a pair of Chuck Taylors (wish they were still made in USA) and a San Francisco Giants baseball hat. This is pretty much my uniform. The beverage would be Blind Pig beer by Russian River Brewing Company.

Loved this Tony, so chilled. AS Roma hey? Very cool, you’re the first chap on either @clobbercalm series to mention a European footy team. Being a little partial to the sport myself that’s cool to read. Thanks for taking the time out for us Tony, it’s been a pleasure to have published a feature based on your brand and I look forward to hopefully speaking again somewhere down the line.

Now we’re sporting two features a week I’m going to start bobbing a little posting schedule onto the bottom of each feature so as to not overlook what will be coming up on the @clobbercalm site;

This Thursday we have John aka @vintage_engineer_boots providing his thoughts on threads and treads as he answers ‘THE MEN BEHIND THE MENSWEAR’ 10@10.

Next Monday sees the second brands feature which focuses on another incredible true denim brand @pikebrotherscompany, with a dedication to all things denim, functional and rugged they are perfect for this type of feature and we can’t wait to set this bad boy live next week!

Ben @clobbercalm.


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