The people behind the products

Hello people.

It’s Tuesday. Pub night, usually, but this evening I’m doing this instead. Not without good reason and a bottle of Bud to my left…

This one-off Tuesday feature is aimed at giving peeps a little insight into the collaborations we have done on some stellar products with some stellar people. All are available via the shop link on this site (in the header).

Today we Meet…

Jess aka @aegishandcraft – A badass chick with a passion for Raw Selvedge Denim who’s kicking it in a man’s world better than most men.

Evan aka @tannerysouth – A true gent and artist of the hide whose products glide into every day life the second you take them out the bag.

Isaac aka @pigeontreecrafting – A man who puts a twist on his products by having mastered the art of Vat Dying his hides Indigo.

Christian aka @howlandhidesupply – An Indianapolis based master of the crafts, Christian specialises in Daypacks and other cool stuff!

As a team, and despite the 3500 air miles between us, we have created a collection of long-lasting accessories that are all hand made in the USA and are not only practical but look incredibly cool as well. Each item has been given a twist on the original design and is exclusive to the clobbercalm site which is extremely humbling for me.

So guys sit back, relax, crack open a beer and let’s get to know these guys as they answers a few questions about their business and their love for all things Leather and Denim.



1. Firstly, tell us how and why you got into the business of craftsmanship?

Oh man, we’re starting off with a heavy question! So, a few years ago, I eagerly earned my fashion design degree. I was so excited to start working in the industry, that I even finished my schooling a little early! I worked for several different companies, played many different rolls, took on many different projects, and yet, I kept finding myself tangled up in too many unpleasant work experiences. I really felt that in order to keep working in the world of apparel and accessories, I had to forge my own path, and do something on my own. So, I started Aegis Handcraft, almost 4 years ago now, and I haven’t looked back since!

2. Please give us a full spec of the items you have designed for this collection?

I’ve made all sorts of goods by now under Aegis Handcraft. And while it’s usually some sort of bag, I always enjoy making a good belt, apron, or key fob as well. I actually just started trying my hand at apparel again, so my product list is constantly growing. I try not to limit myself, and  try creating something new each time, which is where collaborations (like this one with clobbercalm, hint-hint.) and my small batch project comes in! I really love being able to create something new from beginning to end, taking on the challenge of designing and producing all under one roof, all the while connecting with other creatives and makers.

This bag collaboration with Ben, from clobbercalm, sprouted with an idea to make something that was good-looking, functional, and could blend our own ideas of our ideal easy-to-use tote bag. We also managed to collaborate on this bag with thousands of miles between us, in different time zones, and yet still come to the same result we both expected, and are proud to share! (Now that’s neat!)


3. Why are these pieces special? What’s unique about the pieces you have produced for this collection?

And I thought the first question was heavy! This answer is always the hardest, because so much of Aegis Handcraft, actually all of it, is me. I make everything myself. It’s a one-girl show over here! I live and breathe it, so much so that I recently have had to schedule out time in my day so I’ll leave the shop, just to get some fresh air! I absolutely love what I do, and I really hope each good I make expresses that. (And I could go on and on, but I’ll keep it short and sweet.) I’d like to think that Aegis Handcraft is just one big collaboration, in many ways I feel like the goods I make, even when they’re ready to leave my shop, are still left “unfinished.” You won’t see any raw edges, or threads left to be snipped, but you will get a bag ready to earn some wear! There’s no need to baby any of the goods I make, on the other hand – please beat it up! The leather will soften, mold, and tan to whatever adventures you put it through. The waxed denim, will mark up, fade, and shape to whatever you use your bag for. So not a single bag, even if I could make them identical to one another, after leaving my shop stays the same. They leave with a bit of my story, that mixes with all the other stories it’ll earn. The wear itself will speak as to why everything I get to make is so special. I don’t make these things all on my own, you get to help.

(Drops the mic.)

Shop the Waxed Denim Lifelong Tote HERE


1. Firstly, tell us how and why you got into the business of craftsmanship?

I’m just a stay at home dad of three with a passion for creating heirloom quality pieces and passionate customers for life. Craftsmanship has always been in my blood. At a very young age I remember hearing the impressive tales of my grandfather’s creativity and inventions, and I can never forget working with my father in his shop in our garage. Doing projects, creating toys, making school assignments, those were always fun and special times being with him, learning from him, spending quality time with him. Many years, many projects, and a few kids later I found a passion, desire, and need to work with leather completely by necessity. Like a lot of makers these days I was in the market for a new wallet and found most brand name items to be overpriced, under delivering on quality, and made with little to no passion for the process and end user. I quickly knew I could do a better job myself, and set out to do just that. Purchasing the initials tools and items needed for my wallet gave me a rush of excitement that told me this was going to be more than a hobby. It wasn’t long before my first wallet was finished, and although harder than I imagined, I was quickly able to use those initial trials and errors to teach myself the skills needed to produce pieces and designs that I was not only proud of, but that the end user would be proud to use every single day for a long time. With my new wallet, a new found passion for leatherwork, and a vision for a brand that represents quality craftsmanship, a meticulous attention to detail, and a passion for the journey, I represent that which is Tannery South Leather Co.

2. Please give us a full spec of the items you have designed for this collection?

Each piece is completely made by my hand, from start to finish, in my home shop here in Atlanta. After selecting only the finest sides I measure and cut each piece to order based on carefully and meticulously designed patterns. For my Natural Vegetable-Tanned pieces I source and use only premium leathers, for other pieces in the collection I use only Chromexcel leather from the World Famous Horween Tannery in Chicago, Il, the original “pull-up” leather that only gets better with age. The pieces are all made from 6oz leather (2.4mm), a sturdy thickness that will wear in, not out, and will provide years of protective, durable service. I use only premium thread from the Maine Thread Company, their signature product is Waxed Cord, which they manufacture themselves. They call it waxed cord or polycord, you may call it waxed thread, and others refer to it as waxed string or waxed twine. No matter what you call it, it’s very strong, durable, looks great, and is my choice for each and every piece.


3. Why are these pieces special? What’s unique about the pieces you have produced for this collection?

We’ve taken two of our most popular designs and worked specifically with the legend that is clobbercalm to create one of a kind color combinations that will compliment your fashion style, upgrade your Everyday Carry, and give you an heirloom quality piece that will wear in, not out. All of our leather pieces are made to look better with age. Every piece is meant to establish its’ own wear pattern and patina that reflects the lifestyle of the user. We’re proud to offer these handpicked color combinations exclusively through the clobbercalm site and look forward to being a part of your journey.

Shop the Scribe HERE and the Meadowlark HERE


1. Firstly, tell us how and why you got into the business of craftsmanship?

Pigeon Tree Crafting all started because of my love for denim, leather and the “buy it for life” aspect of the two. What I love most about denim and leather, and why I think they go hand-in-hand is that when you buy a quality made piece of raw denim or an heirloom leather accessory, not only are you buying something that will last, you’re buying something that is going to become part of you. Whether it’s the fades on your denim or the patina on your wallet, they become something totally unique that no one else in the world has. I have a true fascination with Quality, and sometimes if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, this is the root of why I started Pigeon Tree Crafting.

2. Please give us a full spec of the items you have designed for this collection?

The PT3xC Indigo Quick Release Belt

  • 9-10 oz Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather that’s Naturally Indigo Vat Dyed
  • 1.5″ Wide and Custom Sized with Teardrop Holes
  • 100% solid brass hardware
  • Exclusive Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather Belt Keep
  • Natural Beeswax Burnished Edges

PT3xC Belt Loop Key Fob

  • 9-10 oz Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Solid Brass Hammered Rivet
  • Solid Brass Snap
  • Solid Brass Flat Split Keyring
  • Complete with a hand stamped ‘X’ signifying the collaboration between Pigeon Tree and Clobbercalm


3. Why are these pieces special? What’s unique about the pieces you have produced for this collection?

The Pigeon Tree Crafting X Clobbercalm PT3xC Belt is just about as unique as it gets. Starting with 10oz full grain vegetable tanned leather, each belt is hand cut and custom sized for the customer. After sizing the belt, it is hand dyed in a natural Indigo vat, creating a true Indigo leather belt. Most companies are using an “Indigo” shade of leather, which is not dyed with true Indigo. You’ll notice the difference when you realize that you can see the grain of the leather through the Indigo, since it’s not just a painted on dye that undeniably hides part of the soul of the leather.

The Quick Release Buckle dates back to the 1800’s and was originally used by Firefighters to buckle the firehose for quick access. Made in the UK with 100% solid brass, this belt is much more than just an accessory to keep your pants up, it’s a true statement piece with a ton of practicality.

The collaboration adds a contrasting Natural Leather Belt Keep and an add on Belt Loop Key Fob which are striking against the deep shade of Indigo. As the belt develops its own character through wear, the belt keep and key fob will patina as well, developing deep shades of caramel.

Shop the PT3xC Indigo Quick Release Belt HERE


1. Firstly, tell us how and why you got into the business of craftsmanship?

I was walking around the mall unfortunately and I saw a leather tote made unwell and seams breaking. I became obsessed every since. My goal is to provide quality leather hand stitched bags at a fair price. I’m true to my style and true to how I operate. Always American Made and Always handcrafted.

2. Please give us a full spec of the items you have designed for this collection?

We are offering our Barton Daypack in veg tan. I don’t do enough veg tan bags and I’m stoked to offer our super popular Rucksack in entirely veg tan.


3. Why are these pieces special? What’s unique about the pieces you have produced for this collection?

Most folks have no idea the process of tanning leather or what kind of leather their bags are. As veg tan is worn it darkens with age. A traditional process that allows you to earn the color of your item.

Shop the Veg Tan Barton Daypack HERE

Well that’s it. Now you know what I know and understand why putting these guys together to create an exclusive collection became a priority for us here at @clobbercalm HQ. Take a look at the collection at and let us know what you think? We would love to know! It’s so great getting to know and chat to other guys that are into the same stuff as us.

Also, don’t forget this Thursday we have Johan aka @johanmalik80 answering the 10@10 and next Monday @kojimagenesxsf takes a load off in the @clobbercalm hot-seat! It’s all go at the mo’ guys!

Have a cracking week people and speak soon.

Ben @clobbercalm.


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