@denimhound answers the 10@10

Hello folks.

So here we are. It’s 9 days before Christmas, I’ve just eaten a shit load of tuna pasta and poured a damn cold Coors Light, Hypnotise by Mr B.I.G is blasting via my shitty iPhone headphones and I’m really looking forward to getting tonights’ feature together. I was so looking forward to sitting down to a fresh 10@10 that I rushed the loading of the dishwasher and as I result can hear the wine glasses smashing as I write this very intro…

Tonight’s chap behind the menswear is a thread-lover named Greg aka @denimhound whose tag line is perfect and says it all, Greg is “your companion on the hunt for Raw Denim” and he really is. Not only does Greg host a great IG feed with more Raw Denim and Red Wings than you can handle but he also runs a denim educational blog via thedenimhound.com that focuses on reviewing the brands that our (the Denim) community is built on. Everybody, that hasn’t already, needs to visit this website as Greg has spent time talking to everybody including people AND brands…there is so much to learn and get immersed in!

Tonight is Greg’s turn to sit under the spotlight and get “blogged” about and from the second I reached out to Greg we hit it off and found mutual ground instantly. He’s a top bloke and has loads of interesting stuff to say…

So guys it’s time to sit back, relax, crack open a beer and listen to Greg as @denimhound answers the @clobbercalm 10@10.


NAME: Greg aka @denimhound
AGE: 35
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
OCCUPATION: Actor and Denim Blogger

1. So Why Instagram?

I think it is the platform with the most positive community. I think you have to be in a good, positive mood to get into that creative space. Or at least the process of creating cool content puts you in a good mood. Not a lot of negative, hater types on Insta. Or at least that has been my experience so far.

2. Why Denim, Boots, Workwear, Ruggedness?

When I was a kid I used to skateboard everyday. When I found a shirt and pair of pants I liked I would pretty much wear until they disintegrated. My favorite part was that moment right before they completely fell apart, they were the most comfortable. The holes and rips were like badges of honor. My family didn’t have much money so I couldn’t get cool clothes. I mostly shopped at the Army surplus store. But there was something more rugged that I liked about the clothes there, they felt more substantial. I’ve also always been into fashion in the sense of cuts, fabrics and handmade quality. I think as these two elements started to cross paths, denim and boots where smack dab in the middle of the road, waiting for me.


3. What are your thoughts on the rise in popularity of “Instafashion” and the community it is creating?

I think it is generally a good thing. Although, I guess I could worry that the egotistical and selfish people of the fashion world could make Instagram a more negative place. But I’m not really worried about that. So far so good!

4. Top 3 brands to shop and why?

Oh man, I’m compulsive when it comes to denim. I’ve been sitting here for about 15 mins and have reworked this list about 10 times. I’m just going to have to throw these out there.

1. Oni – Oni’s denim fabrics are like Japanese works of art, so distinct and original. So far I have three pairs and I plan to get at least two more pairs within the next year.

2. Pure Blue Japan – Their sewing and construction is probably the best I’ve seen in a pair of denim. Not only can you see the perfection in the stitching but when you hold a pair in your hands they feel so solid.

3. Tanuki – To me they are the most promising new denim brand. Very high quality denim with great details I have two out of their three available models and I hope to pick up their Tanuki x Oni collaboration soon.


5. Where’s your favourite place to shop these brands?

I usually get my Japanese denim from Denimio. Great customer service (What’s up Peter!) and way better prices than buying in the states. Heres a discount code for anyone to use, 500 yen off your next purchase: REWARD-7941-Z8TSU-KBUK. If I’m buying American or Canadian denim I usually get it from Blue Owl Workshop. There’s no tax and free shipping. It arrives very fast as well. Blue Owl is currently the only place to get Tanuki in the states as well.

6. When did you decide to voice and share your love for your clobber on social media?

I started my Denim Hound feed in March 2016. Before that, I was just posting my looks on my personal feed since 2010 or 2011.


7. What’s the secret behind your great images; Who takes them? When are they taken? How do you capture the magic your followers enjoy so much?

I usually take them myself. I control my Cannon with the EOS app on my phone. Sometimes I get my girlfriend @megsvanitychest to take them for me. In the summer, the light is so harsh that I have to take the photos just after sunrise or in that last hour before sunset, so I have to really time it out and get it done quickly.

8. What feeds do you like to follow and check in on? Who should we check out?

If you are not already following him, check out @selvedge1 he’s always posting great shots. I would say he is one of the people most frequently traveling and setting up hangouts, really bringing together the Insta-denim community into the real world. I’m going with him and @wildfrontiergoods on an EPIC denim hunt to Japan in November. Hitting up Tokyo, Osaka and of course the denim mecca Jeans Street in Okayama!

with @selvedge1
with @selvedge1

9. What tips would you give new starters on Instagram to help them get there feed off the ground and successful?

Do it for yourself because you love it, don’t try to get follows or seek out the attention. Your passion for the things you love will be attractive and interesting enough for people to want to follow you, it’s contagious. Only follow feeds you genuinely like. Keep your comments genuine and positive. Get on Insta everyday even if you are not posting. Spend time enjoying and supporting other peoples’ work and creativity.


10. And Lucky Last, You’re going to be stranded on a desert island and you can take 1 outfit (4 items) Only with you. 

What would they be? And Why?

I always read peoples answers to this and they always sound pretty sure of what they want. It takes me forever just picking out what I’m going to wear for the day! Since I don’t know how long I’m going to be there, could be years, I would probably go with durability over style as my criteria, so I’d take my…

1. Red Wing Brouge Iron Rangers because they’ll probably last longer than any other footwear I own.

2. I just had a pair of 20oz beasts made by SOSO Clothing that I added triple stitching, tucked belt loops, and reinforced fly. They’ll probably last me about ten years lol.

3. A PBJ tee.

4. I don’t have one yet but on the way to the island I’d buy a leather jacket from Himel. Wait, is it hot on the island? Ah, hell!

Greg, you’re a pillar to the worldwide denim community my friend and I have loved having you here on the 10@10. Looking forward to working together on more projects down the line!

Regards the island Greg I like to think it’s like the UK with a much hotter summer, meaning that you’d need your leather for 6 months of the year! Awesome shout out for the SoSo boys also, 20 oz and triple stitched? The word “beasts” fits perfectly…just like their clothing does. Top work Greg, speak soon my friend! (Would love to know a little more about your acting also?)

So moving onto next week…oh it’s a good’un. Christmas week is going to impress as Monday sees Satchel (the man behind the @redwingheritage IG feed) answer the 10@10 on behalf of Red Wing Heritage! See Red Wing are that badass and God damn cool that they probably don’t even realise that IG exists?! They simply pass the responsibility of the running their hardcore social media streams onto peeps who are not making boots and have time to play front-of-house to their heritage steeped company.

Satchel (also the man behind @scienceandkindness which you should definitely check out) is super cool and knows his shit! I knew I wouldn’t have got to the top of the Red Wing tower with this feature but Satchel has been super accommodating and ensured that next Monday @redwingheritage answer the @clobbercalm 10@10. Perfect!

Thursday sees us sit Fabrizio from @misteruniquelife in the @clobbercalm chair. I won’t say too much at this stage about Fabrizio but make sure you drop in on his feed before the week’s out. It’s a clever slice of IG and deserves all the attention it gets!

Well that’s it for tonight, enjoy your work Christmas parties, try not to humiliate yourself too much, remember that you’re probably wearing your beer goggles and never sit behind the wheel if you’ve had a few!

Stay Merry men and I’ll see ya Monday.

Ben @clobbercalm.



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