@redwingheritage answers the 10@10

Hello people.

I hope tricks are good and you’re all crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s on your Christmas plans? In less than a week the big man will arrive to put joy on the faces of families all around the world which is always magical. Lest we forget the folks that aren’t quite as fortunate as us so try doing something to give back, even if it’s just a little something. A little something can go a long way and it usually takes less than an hour of your time!

So onto boots! Boots, boots, boots. Whether you’re into Wolverine, Viberg, Oak Street, Truman, Chippewa, Doc Martens, Danner or, more recently, RGT (Holla Karl) I’m pretty sure the one thing most of us agree on is that @redwingheritage hold their own on a global scale when it comes to the quailty and design of their boots. You only have to visit frequently used Hashtags such as #redwing, #redwingshoes, #redwingheritage and that’s just for starters. Our community dedicates whole days of the week to this tip-top USA ‘Brand Behind the Menswear’ such as #redwingwednesday and #mocsandsocksmonday!

Moc Toe, Iron Ranger, Chukka or a Beckman? Guys, you’re experience with this brand is guaranteed to be a satisfying one. They will patina and age to perfection no matter what your everyday life entails…

They are like the Duracell bunny, they just go on and on and on and on.

Personally, I feel I have got to know some truly stellar blokes because of this brand and the IG community combined. From a very early age I have always had a fascination with leather, wood and (as I got a little older) DENIM! It’s so great getting to share ideas and stories with the folks that feel the same way, I’m now constantly asked for my opinion on “what Wings?” someone should buy and “what’s the best oz denim for a beginner?” I love to help dudes as much as I love reaching out for help.

Now onto the feature, as you have probably already gathered this is Red Wing Heritage answering the 10@10 and the guys at the top of the ladder over there in Minnesota gave the nod to Satchel (the chap behind @scienceandkindness) to answer the 10@10 on their behalf as he is the guy behind all the RW feeds on IG. Satchel was great, he knows his stuff and loves to engage with us “The Fans of the Brand” when creating the IG stories and feeds we check in on daily!

Satchel, my friend, I have said enough so now its over to you…everybody else, you just need to sit back, relax, crack open a beer and listen to the thoughts of my man Satchel as @redwingheritage answer the @clobbercalm 10@10.



NAME: Satchel B. Moore
POSITION: Contracted community manager through B. Kershaw and Co.
COMPANY: Red Wing Heritage
LOCATION: Red Wing, Minnesota, MN
SPECIALITY/COMPANY FOCUS: Footwear and accessories

1. Straight forward, please tell us, how did your company Red Wing Heritage start out? (For people that don’t already know)

In 1905, Charles Beckman owned and ran Beckman’s Shoes in Red Wing, Minnesota. Unable to find footwear to meet the demands of the growing river town and area, he founded Red Wing Shoe Co. and began a business relationship with S. B. Foot Tanning Co. just down the road. We still make boots in Red Wing and all our leathers comes from S. B. Foot, which we’ve owned since 1987.


2. Tell us. What does a day in the life of yourself look like? What’s your daily work routine?

It begins with checking both @redwingheritage @redwingheritagewomen on Instagram, as well as the RWH Facebook and Twitter pages, to see what’s happened in Asia and Europe while I was asleep. I respond to comments and questions then it’s usually on to sending that day’s posts out into the world. The rest of the day is cello lessons, or fixing jeans or playing soccer while monitoring the responses and making sure nothing is missed. We’re always keeping an eye out for the best photos. Right now, we want to see more documentary style photography of people going about their lives in their boots.

3. What are your top 3 bestselling items? Why do you think this is?

The 8085, the 8111 and the 1907 sell because they are classic styles and the leathers are amazing. The more you wear them, the better they get. Women’s has been very strong as well. The Clara boot with the Moc Toe and the little heel is selling like crazy. Again, the Ladies like the leather when it’s beat up, too.


4. What’s your personal favourite garment when it comes to the items you manufacture?

Personally, the 9016 with a lot of boot oil to darken it up is about as versatile an item as there is. I’ve worn mine to countless fancy weddings and on serious trips into the boundary waters. For a long time they were my only boots. Simple, great boots.


5. What are your thoughts on the rise of Instagram fashion and the chaps that post their clothing on there to help spread the word of their fave brands?

As a Work boot company, we think it’s important to understand that Red Wing Boots are simply a tool with which to live your life more successfully. We are proud of the boots we make and it’s great to see that pride reflected in the ownership of a pair of Red Wings. Whether that pride manifests itself on Instagram in Malaysia or on a dairy farm in Southern MN, we are grateful to that person for putting their time and money into a pair of american made Red Wing Heritage boots. Red Wing is a great story and we are honored that people around the world want to include us in their own story.

6. Has it made an impact on your business at all, do you think?

Of course. Instagram in particular has helped RWH connect with boot fans and wearers in a way we couldn’t before. Just like when we used to bring boots to factories, we can bring the story of the brand and keep everyone up to date, while continuing to focus on customer service. It’s great. It’s an honor to do this for such a cool and honest company. I touch base with the company archivist monthly and she says it’s important that future fans and employees of Red Wing Shoe Co. understand the importance of Instagram currently for the company.


7. Is there any feeds on IG that you particularly like to check-in on regular. What brands are you fond of on there? What menswear feeds to you like to peruse?

It’s hard to play favorites. @bothrops1 is a dear friend. My first memory of him is selling him a pair of Red Wings when I was the manager at @blackbluesaintpaul. He came back a couple days later and bought himself and a friend Beckmans. He has done amazing things for the Instagram menswear community. It’s also been fun to watch the RWH ladies do their own thing. @brianawitan is also hilarious but can say it like it is as well.

8. A quick one about you. Other than the business, what passions do you have in life? What flicks your switch and helps you relax?

I own a small denim repair business called @scienceandkindness and teach private cello lessons to Waldorf school students. I play and ref soccer (football) several nights a week and look forward to arseblog.com’s arsecasts on Monday and Fridays. I could just monitor Red Wing related hashtags all day and still not catch everything.


9. What do you consider to be the best thing about your business and why?

The choice to buy a Red Wing Heritage boot is a vote in favor of what’s good about America. Our world has a lot of issues and not a lot of things can be counted on. Red Wing Shoe Co. has been making triple-stitched, Goodyear welted boots, using the same old machines and S. B. foot leather for 111 years. Red Wing Shoe Co. is nothing if not consistent. RWH as a division is designed to maintain that consistency and remind us of our mission to make purpose-built boots.

10. And Lucky Last, You’re going to be stranded on a desert island and you can take 1 outfit (4 items) only with you. And 1 choice of drink.

What would they be? And Why?

LVC 1950s white T, RWH 9016, Tender 130 jeans, my thrifted Wu-Tang sweatshirt.

Satchel, thanks for giving your time to the 10@10. We should chat more about @scienceandkindness also buddy? I’m sure it would make a great 10@10 feature within itself. Have a top Christmas buddy, I will be in touch.

In some ways it feels like a personal landmark getting a representative from one of my favourite brands to chat to us here on the 10@10. It’s a great way to begin the end of the year (if that’s even a sentence) and, finally, the boys from @freenotecloth chat to us to round off 2017.

When it comes to the last of the ‘Men Behind the Menswear’ we are putting our pre-Christmas hat onto @misteruniquelife. A bearded Italian Stallion who models for a living and boasts extremely artistic photos including some badass Iron Ranger shots! His feature goes live on Thursday and it’s a cracker *pun intended* but not sure I should have let a Christmas pun hit this “landmark feature”…oh well?!

Have a fun week people and see ya Thursday…

Ben @clobbercalm.



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