@freenotecloth answers the 10@10

Hello people.

Woah! Still in a food coma & slightly hungover as I’m sure many of you are? It was a top day spent with all the right people, but the older I get the happier I become that it’s another 364 days before it all needs doing again…

Scribbling tonights’ feature is a welcomed break from the festivities and a change of focus back to what I consider normal; admiring top clobber.

Tonights’ 10@10 focuses on a US brand based out in San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 called @freenotecloth. Freenote have developed that perfect recipe that blends contemporary design and fits with the backbone of heritage-inspired collections made with some of the best fabrics that are sourced globally.

Andrew (Co-Founder), and brother to his business partner “Matt”, is a very cool looking chap with all the right passions and drive for building a successful and well respected menswear brand. The fact that he gets to share his incredible journey with his own flesh and blood makes the story behind this brand all the more romantic.

I have just read this again for the 4th time today and it’s such a great feature. So glad we chose today to share it with the world. So guys sit back, relax, crack open a beer and enjoy the thoughts of Andrew as @freenotecloth answers the @clobbercalm 10@10.



NAME: Andrew Brodrick
POSITION: Co-Founder
COMPANY: Freenote Cloth
ESTABLISHED: December 2013
LOCATION: San Juan Capistrano
SIZE OF TEAM: Depends on the week! Four full time and two part time.
SPECIALITY/COMPANY FOCUS: Production / Quality Control

1. Straight forward, please tell us, how did your company Freenote Cloth start out?

My partner/brother Matt and I had a dream. Maybe the dream started when we were teenagers. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember the exact moment but we wanted this for a long time. We started out with a few key pieces centered around denim and built it out from there. When we were first introduced to raw selvedge denim there was a spark and interest about the fabric alone. We just thought is was cool looking and then really became interested in what we could do with it.


2. For the guys that may not have read the story on your website, where did the name Freenote Cloth originate?

It is nothing exciting. Coming up with a name can be fun but when you think about it too much the process gets a little silly. I say it often it is not what you name your kids it is how they are raised that counts. Specifically though we knew we had to put a few words together to get it approved from legal. We had a bunch of words written down that meant something to us and the two in this case were “freedom”, “noteworthy”, and then there was also Blue Note Records. Does this make any sense? The name came together pretty quickly and we just rolled with it.

3. What are your top 3 bestselling items? Why do you think this is?

1). We have a waxed canvas riders jacket that is so sick. It is just a really sweet piece my brother designed. It is that perfect balance of not too much and not too little. We like things clean but when you are spending straight cash money on our product you need something intriguing.


2). Selvedge Chino Pant: You can rock a chino in many different ways. A versatile piece will always be in the mix for bestselling.


3). Rios Cone Mill Denim: So many brands including us experiment with tons of Japanese denim but maybe the best is right in front of your nose the whole time. If you have ever been to Greensboro, NC this makes all the sense in the world. Great BBQ, amazing humble people, NASCAR, and beautiful selvedge denim.


4. What’s your personal favourite garment when it comes to the items you manufacture?

I love denim jackets. We make a few variations and I love them all. There is a toughness and rock and roll vibe you get when wearing a proper denim jacket that can not be denied. You can feel it when you put it on. This does not happen often but if there is a an item of clothing that triggers a feeling or emotion then you really have something special.


5. What are your thoughts on the rise of Instagram fashion and the chaps that post their clothing on there to help spread the word of their fave brands?

My thoughts are simple. I love it. I appreciate it. I respect it even when folks are not wearing Freenote and are doing it for the cause. I get stoked to see Freenote pushed with all sorts of other great brands. The best is when someone emphatically disses the movement like they have a problem with it. My response is always what are you doing so important with your time. Are you a scientist trying to find cures? Most of the time the haters are not trying to find cures.


6. Has it made an impact on your business at all, do you think?

It has absolutely made a positive effect on our business and those who have supported Freenote know how much I appreciate their time spent on posting and spreading the word. Again I also appreciate them supporting other brands as well. We are all in this together and am all for the spread of good style, knowledge, and respect.

7. Is there any feeds on IG that you particularly like to check-in on regular. What brands are you fond of on there? What menswear feeds to you like to peruse?

I think I appreciate this question the most. Most of the feeds I like include record shops, restaurants that show pictures of food, a few alcohol brands, and then of course those feeds of people wearing Freenote. It is 100% humbling when someone wears something you make or had a hand in creating. But the tricky thing is Freenote is on IG, it is not my personal IG. The entire team has a hand in Freenote’s feed. Overall, the brand follows about 270 IG accounts that include retailers, photographers, other brands, and of course our closest IG posse. To specifically answer your question though my daily menswear checks include @heddels_ and and @ajlivingston from Knickerbocker Mfg. because I enjoy seeing what is going on in NYC. Heddels provides great vision of what is coming out each season from a ton of brands and just a great scope of our world.


8. A quick one about you. Other than the business, what passions do you have in life? What flicks your switch and helps you relax?

The more personal the question the easier to answer. I love my family. I love surfing. I love cooking and drinking. There are four options that I can get at each and every day. The stress of a business is immense and we are just trying to survive. My family keeps me focused, surfing keeps me sane, cooking keeps me fed, and drinking helps me sleep! Surfing is the activity that truly helps me relax. It has been a passion for my entire life and provides that mix of being active while out there in the elements.

9. What do you consider to be the best thing about your business and why?

Easy one. The product and the work ethic of our team is the best part of Freenote. I am a true believer in product rules the day and our goal is to make the highest quality garments possible. It is much more about the quality than the style. And then second I think everyone has a great appreciation and respect for hard work.

10. And Lucky Last, You’re going to be stranded on a desert island and you can take 1 outfit (4 items) only with you. And 1 choice of drink.

What would they be? And Why?

The island is hot. It is majestic and the last thing you want on this warm, moist, tropical island is a pair of raw denim. I want 1. our deadstock military board shorts, 2. a polycarbonate polarized aviator sunglass from Randolph Engineering, 3. a 100% cotton white Freenote t-shirt 4. The Yeti. My outfit is minimal because it is so damn hot that you don’t need to wear much but we are in tip top shape with two great accessories. The Yeti Tundra 210 holds 140 cans of beer and will be stocked with ice cold Miller Lites. If you are stranded on an island you are going to have some time on your hands and with 140 snappers I can keep myself busy for quite a while.

140 Snappers? Yes bro…thinking of the long game! That’s my kind of drink choice.

It’s been ace having you on the 10@10 Andrew. It’s no surprise to me as to why I see the
Freenote name so often within this community, that we all enjoy to socialise in so much! Some of the designs that have taken shape within the Freenote collections are both fashionable and utilitarian. They contain the aesthetics that are set to please young stags on the town as well as, shall we say, the slightly more mature bloke like myself. It’s a top blend so make sure you check the @freenotecloth guys out if you haven’t already guys…they are well worth the time.

Thursday is back to focusing on the dude that loves his denim and boots, with this week seeing us speak to Aun Tay aka @imaunit. If you don’t know his feed already then swing on by and drop him a follow, he’s a Type 3 enthusiast, Alden wearing denim-head from the USA who’s always sporting some form of that great shade…INDIGO!

Also on Thursday we will confirm all the details for ‘Project Thread and Fades 2017’

1 brand new project
5 guys
5 pairs of jeans
1 whole year
5 completely different journeys
Countless updates and documentation

Enjoy the rest of the festivities folks and if you have some spare Christmas cash then check out the @clobbercalm STORE and see what some of the wonderful hand-craft brands have to offer. We are very proud to be able to offer their products, with some sort of bespoke and unique twist, so swing on by and see what it is they are up to!

See ya soon peeps.

Ben @clobbercalm.



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