@migigp answers the 10@10

Hello people.

Its Thursday, so we are back talking with an IG denim menswear community enthusiast in the form of Mikko.

Mikko is a Scandinavian, Glasgow-based sharp looking cat who frequents our feeds regular. He adds a very crisp, sharp personality to his feed that instills a cool, calm, collected feeling that embellishes really well his bold, brash styling AND now I’ve run out of adjectives!

So I guess that it’s the PERFECT time to sit back, relax, crack open a bev and listen to the thoughts of Mikko as the @migigp answers the @clobbercalm 10@10.



NAME: Mikko aka @migigp
AGE: 27
OCCUPATION: Sales Associate at Ralph Lauren

1. So Why Instagram?

As a visual person, I found it very inspirational and intriguing to see what other like minded folks were posting, and as a social media it felt like the perfect fit, since I don’t have anything worthwhile to say on Twitter or FB. Later on I realised what an amazing community it is and how easy it is bounce ideas and communicate with other users.

2. Why Denim, Boots, Workwear, Ruggedness?

I used to have a much more refined and formal look (still have a bit) and it always felt like I was either a bit overdressed or blending in and therefore wanted to add a little edge to my style.

I got my first pair of Red Wings and selvedge denim and loved how they develop through use and had the functionality without lacking in style. As I looked more into the responsibly made garments and people behind them, I started to appreciate them even more.

In addition, workwear tends to be timeless and never goes out of style which saves a pretty penny (not really, but in theory). As I have always been a vintage fanatic and prefer to buy second hand over new, denim & boots made sense as they’ve been around in menswear for ages without changing too much, so there’s so much heritage out there up for grabs!


3. What are your thoughts on the rise in popularity of “Instafashion” and the community it is creating?

It’s one of the main things keeping me posting, so I think it’s a great source of inspiration and motivation! When I started posting regularly I noticed early on that people with the same taste were interacting with each other, which pulled me right in. I have been lucky enough to share thoughts with excellent people, who have been helpful and have a positive air about them. I also love to discover new small makers doing their own thing!

Sometimes I just have remind myself that there’s a real world out there which should be enjoyed and appreciated too 🙂

4. Top 3 brands to shop and why?

Hard to choose as I like to mix them up, but with a gun to my head I’d say:

Rising Sun @risingsunjeans has become one of my favourites due their honest take on heritage workwear. The fabrics and construction are top notch down to every little detail. Piece of American history, made in America.

I feel like Red Wing @redwingheritage has to be listed as it pretty much started this whole vanity about the way I dress up know. Made to last, proper value for money, timeless, ticks all the boxes!

I have huge respect for Railcar @railcarfinegoods and especially the owner Steven, who seem to have his heart in the right place. Doesn’t hurt that he and his team are producing seriously tough and solid pieces in-house in Monrovia, California, that get better with each wear.


5. Where’s your favourite place to shop these brands?

As I have lived in a relatively small town in Finland most of my life, I buy most of my stuff online since there is only one shop in Helsinki that offers the kind of clothes I appreciate. Pinkomo @pinkomostore is selling RWs, Filson, Iron Heart, Rising Sun etc., very cool owner and rugged vibes!

My favourite UK shops are Hambledon @thehambledon in Winchester, Son of a Stag @sonofastag in London and Peggs and Son @peggsandson in Brighton. To sum it up; American, Japanese and European workwear brands in a very nice setting!

To be honest, 80% of the gear I buy is from either eBay or Grailed as I’m a firm believer in second hand and always looking for that deal 😉 That being said, I also love to experience a good old brick and mortar shop once in a while!

Big fans of @peggsandson

6. When did you decide to voice and share your love for your threads on social media?

My first touch on IG was actually over 5 years ago when I posted a pic of a latte rosetta not knowing that it would go public, I thought I was just editing a photo for my eyes only. A few years later when I spent my student exchange year in UK and came to terms what IG really is all about I started browsing menswear and my favourite brands at the time and started posting pics of my outfits on my spare time.


7. What’s the secret behind your great images; Who takes them? When are they taken? How do you capture the magic your followers enjoy so much?

Most of my older pics are taken with an iPhone and a timer by myself, but lately I have been trying to put my camera to good use. For the latest images all the credit goes to my lovely and patient girlfriend who always looks out for me to capture just the right shot.


8. What feeds do you like to follow and check in on? Who should we check out?

So many amazing accounts there, but just to mention a few:

One of biggest influencers in the beginning and still is definitely the master himself, Paul @bothrops1, as he was the first to like and comment on my photos and has impeccable sense of humour and class. He combines workwear and more tailored pieces together seamlessly and has an astonishing eye for boots & shoes. He has also been a huge help for me to get some American made goods over the pond!

Another feed I enjoy very much is from London’s coolest and nicest guy Oli @olicongress. He has a passion for RRL and Japanese brands and he sports them very nicely with a unique touch. He was also one of the first persons who I shared comments with when I entered the world of IG.

Two of the most beautiful and aesthetic accounts must Brent’s @whaleysworld and Brandon’s @brandonburkphotography. The tones, fabrics, gear and the views are always spectacular. Both of them explore the great outdoors and mix up their feeds with rugged menswear and scenery perfectly. Browsing through their feed always makes me want to move stateside.

Devin @outlinedcloth, Drew @everydaydrew and Mike @marvaments also know their way around a camera in addition to awesome boot game, workwear & casual menswear. Their feeds ooze with style and long lasting clobber!

If you want clean and slick, @illbash is you’re man. He presents his wardrobe in a very pleasing fashion combining killer quality pieces with a fine taste. Such a gent too.

IIllya @illcutz has a stunning wardrobe with a variety of handpicked goodies from the world of workwear and is also a nice dude! Jaesung @jaesungxlee also has a great feed filled with great outfit combos.

9. What tips would you give new starters on Instagram to help them get there feed off the ground and successful?

Post what you enjoy and stick to it. Interact, browse and try to post on a regular basis, but without getting too obsessive about it!

10. And Lucky Last, You’re going to be stranded on a desert island, you can take 1 outfit (4 items) and 1 drink ONLY with you. 

What would they be? Who made them? Why are you taking them?

My 5-year-old Red Wing Beckman boots as they are soft as butter and durable af.

Buzz Rickson’s Chambray for its timeless look and perfect weight.

Freenote Cloth Loomstate denim as I just got them a couple of months ago and haven’t wear them as much as I should’ve. Let seem them beach fades!!

Rising Sun Ranch Hand jacket because it completes the look and gives me the much needed warmth whilst watching the sunset by the campfire.

And for the drink a nice refreshing Mojito would do!


Great Mikko! Really great!! Your shots are really good quality and everything you said really resonated with me and I can imagine will resonate with the thousands and thousands in attendance plus millions watching worldwide…sorry, watching wrestling and got carried away. Thank you for your time bro ✌️

Anyways, please pop back over on Saturday @ 5pm (UK GMT) as @shockoe_atelier give us their thoughts on T&F17 so far and also make sure you visit the shop tab in the nav bar. We are now, lucky enough to be, able to offer you guys discount codes to some of the tip-top denim and leather manufacturers we see daily in our feeds (inc. Shockoe 👌). Check it out…

Have a top weekend people. It’s been a pleasure as always.

Stay Close. Reach Out. Say Hi.

Ben @clobbercalm.


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