@shockoe_atelier answers 5@5 about PT&F17

Morning folks.

Hope you’re all tip-top and beaming with the joy of spring?! If not, today’s exclusive PT&F17 post should be all the joy you need…

“4 whole months of Threads & Fades, so thanks men, but now it’s time to mix it up a little…” by way of a super one-off feature with the @shockoe_atelier boys themselves about the project…


So we’ve had a few chops and changes recently that we highlighted in last month’s feature HERE but one thing that, obviously, remains set in stone is the denim that’s going on the journey and the provider @shockoe_atelier.

Shockoe have been so great through the process; starting at the beginnings when this project was just a pipe dream up until this point where they so graciously agreed to give us their thoughts on the ‘Threads & Fades 2017’ story…so far! There’s a few juicy extras in their for you all as well so I’m not going to waste anymore of your time.

It’s time to sit back, relax, crack open a beer (maybe a little early in some places but hey-ho it’s 5pm somewhere right??) and listen to @shockoe_atelier about their take on @clobbercalm.threadsnfades2017 plus a few glances toward a rosy Shockoe future 😉

(Oh wait. I want feedback on PT&F17 – What do you guys want to see? Do you have any questions for the dudes? What do you want to see us do more of? Please do reach out people in the comments so I can incorporate your ideas. It would be a pleasure)




1. @shockoe_atelier, we’re 4 months in (1/3 year) to the project, are you happy with how the jeans are looking?

Absolutely!! The Kojima fabric is an amazing one, for sure. All of the guys are producing some awesome images of the fades. Four months has always been, in my eyes, where you start to see some great electric blue shades starting to really make their presence known. This is the time frame where things start to get really interesting and evolve faster and faster.

2. Are the fades/wear what you would expect to see after this amount of time?

They are. Of course, everything is lifestyle dependent, but like I said four months is when you start to see each individual’s character/life show through greatly in their jeans. Creases are set and indigo is fading more obviously than ever.


3. What would you like to see more of from the project? (Please be honest, we won’t be offended)

We have always been fans of seeing people doing things in our jeans (more than just Instagram posing in the jeans/flats). We adore the images that have been made for Insta for sure and think they are the most effective thing for us, but with a competition it can really show the person’s personal lives and images that aren’t specifically all about the jeans that add some fun flair (and honestly keep people wanting to come back).

4. What’s in store for Shockoe in the near future? Anything new product-wise?

Right now we are focusing on who we wanted to be when Shockoe was first born, a denim factory. We want to get the factory humming the way it should be and really just keep the shelves stocked while introducing limited runs of interesting fabrics or cuts. We really just want to hone in on what we do best.


We used to make this amazing double-faced twill pant called the Cottrell. It was a super interesting pant because when it’s new it has a super dark green warp and a tan/khaki weft. As you wear it, it becomes super soft and the warp starts to look like an old school chalk board that has been written on and erased a ton. It was such an amazing piece for us and we honestly should have never stopped making it, but we are super, super stoked to have it in our line up again.

We will also be introducing a new fabric from Cone Mills in our Slim fit soon. We haven’t used a fabric from them in a bit and decided that it’s about damn time to have a 100% US made jean in our arsenal for a great price. Finally, we are going to be rolling out a new fit that is more a anti-fit looser jean (without looking like a JNCO). Personally, I am super excited to have that jean, but really it is for our customer that wants that more classic fit, or has bigger thighs/calves. Besides those we are just gonna crank out limited runs with some super interesting/special fabrics.

5. Obviously the T&F17 guys are currently wearing your Kojimas 24/7, 365 days-of-the-year (seriously, some are fashioning them as pyjamas!) so the question is…if you had to wear one of your garments, other than the Kojimas, for a whole year what would it be?

It’s funny, online we sell boatloads of Kojima and Black Selvedge. In Richmond we mostly sell our Como fabric. Como is kind of the unsung hero of Shockoe. It is a little bit lighter in weight and darker in shade, but it is such an amazing fader of a jean. We have some guys that were die hard Japanese fabric only denim guys, and over sometime they all are addicted to Como now. Stays darker for a little longer, but once it starts fading there is no stopping it.


So peeps that’s that! I’m sure you’ll all agree that it’s great to hear straight from the @shockoe_atelier boys! I know we say it a lot but, it’s incredibly humbling to have the platform to make such great contacts and then share their thoughts with the world. Thank you so much for the above and everything else Shockoe. Really appreciated!

Everyone else, thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a top weekend guys. See the calendar below for what we have rocking over the next week…


As usual, stay close! We’re always on the hunt to extend the @clobbercalm army!

Stay Blue Mad Cats.

Ben @clobbercalm.


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