@rvamensch answers the 10@10

Evening blue bloods.

Shit lads it’s Thursday again. Where does the time go?

I never put time aside to just reflect on things/absorb thoughts and enjoy the current moment for what it actually is and as a result I’m sat here @clobbercalm HQ (the “infamous” island in my kitchen) wondering what the fu*k I’ve been upto for the past week! Or maybe it’s just #dadlife…who knows eh?! So long as I’m not alone, right?

Last week I introduced you all to the double-bubble Thursdays but if you have no idea what I’m taking about skip back a week to take a quick look. Long story short, each Thursday we will now release features on not one blue blood but two of them!

This week we meet Pierce aka @rvamensch and Jonathan aka @yonagrinberg. Both do blue, enjoy their denim and lap up the patina of a good leather boot offering.

Now, we still release the features separately in their own entity so if, below, you can only see one, don’t worry. Just click back to the home page and the other will be sat right next to it 😉 Trust us.

Sit back people, relax, crack open a beer (mine’s been a San Miguel all evening) and FIRSTLY listen to the thoughts of Pierce as @rvamensch answers the @clobbercalm 10@10.



NAME: Pierce aka @rvamensch
AGE: 33
LOCATION: Richmond, Virginia
OCCUPATION: Energy Industry Analyst

1. So Why Instagram?

I was a long time lurker on a few of the menswear forums like Styleforum, Superfuture, and some of the subreddits. As much good information and help (sizing and care) as I found on them, increasingly I ended up going towards IG. There’s definitely something to be said for actually seeing the pieces on a person rather than just reading about them, and I found that people were just as willing to give recommendations and advice if I reached out. I still check most of them, but I’ve been real happy with the positivity and community on IG.

2. Why Denim, Boots, Workwear, Ruggedness?

My Dad actually had a huge influence on my style. I’m the son of an ironworker (rebar/structural steel), and I worked with him for a few years. My dad’s daily uniform was a chambray shirt, boots, denim and a bandana in his pocket. Walking around on rebar for 8 hours a day will really make you appreciate a good pair of boots, and goods that can take abuse.

Watching old black and white cowboy movies with my Dad as a kid also gave me a love for the southwest and old western elements. I think the western/cowboy culture has had a really huge impact on the American psyche. Even though the 50’s culture popularized denim and leather as a choice of style, the old west really cemented them in the American heritage through necessity.

For me, one of the most important elements of style that I aim for is to be able to look back at what I’m wearing now and not cringe. I think there’s something in the simple, functional aspects of workwear that has made it accessible and enduring. Like a lot of people, I just think there’s something special in how certain materials like denim, brass, and leather develop such beautiful character as they age.


3. What are your thoughts on the rise in popularity of “Instafashion” and the community it is creating?

I’ve been really excited about it! IG has been a great place to get exposure to brands I wouldn’t have known about otherwise, and get style inspiration. The community aspect has been the part I enjoy the most, though; its been a great place to connect with people with this shared passion. Everyone I’ve come across on there has been great and really supportive. There is such an amazing community culture on IG, and I haven’t seen any of the negativity you can sometimes get in subculture forums. I’ve gotten the opportunity to talk and engage with some awesome people from really diverse backgrounds and locations. I’ve also had the chance to meet quite a few other grammers offline; most recently traveling up to the Weaving Shibusa screening in NYC with Victor (@selvedge1).

4. Top 3 brands to shop and why?

Rogue Territory: They pretty much nail the sweet spot between my love for heritage workwear, and western elements. Karl uses some really unique fabrics, everything is extremely well made, and the fits are killer.

Norman Russell: I absolutely love Kortney’s aesthetic and vibe. Everything he drops has such a cool take on Americana style, and their own backstory. Plus his shirts are hands down the best fitting I own.

Shockoe Atelier: I feel really fortunate to have such a great denim company from my hometown that I can support. Even better that they are stand-up guys, and really engage in the local Richmond community through regular events. Their slim fit denim is pretty much exactly what I look for in a cut, and they kill it on the details.


5. Where’s your favourite place to shop these brands?

There are actually some great options in Richmond. Need Supply, obviously, is a huge player in RVA. Yesterday’s Heroes is a great vintage shop that also sells some new stuff (Taylor Stitch, LC King, and recently 3sixteen) Also, it’s really cool to have Shockoe Denim so close by. I love stopping in and hanging out, even if I don’t end up picking anything up. Matt Rho is always a blast to hang out with, and the vibe in the shop is great since they actually have their production workshop in the back.

Online retail is pretty wide open with options these days: Snake Oil Provisions, and Lone Flag are both staples and have some of the best customer service around. I’m a big fan of the shop tees from General Quarters as well. Okayama Denim has some incredible collaborations, so I check their site pretty regularly for new drops. Love the selection they curate over at Cultizm, as well, and they have done some amazing collaborations.

at Shockoe Denim

6. When did you decide to voice and share your love for your threads on social media?

Not too long back, actually, over the summer. My girlfriend (soon to be wife) had been trying to convince me to start posting on IG for a while, and actually ended up creating one for me and posting some old pictures. I got some positive feedback, and started getting more into it. I think the actual turning point was when one of the Harlem Globetrotters liked a picture from the feed and I almost lost it! Haha

7. What’s the secret behind your great images; Who takes them? When are they taken? How do you capture the magic your followers enjoy so much?

It’s pretty well split between shots that I take with an SLR and a wireless remote, and my extremely patient and supportive girlfriend helping out. Most of the shots are when we get home from work, and we’re out taking the dog for a walk. I think that was a big part of why it worked out to put the effort into the account. It motivated us to get outside and exlplore the neighborhood instead of just flopping down on the couch after work. I’m pretty lucky with the diversity of stuff as a backdrop for shooting in Richmond. There’s a great mix of urban decay and old industrial settings, as well as modern and natural locations so close by. Mostly I just try to learn and get better at what I post.


8. What feeds do you like to follow and check in on? Who should we check out?

Victor (@selvedge1) has a great sense of style, and the quality of his shots motivates me to push and work harder on my posts. I’ve been lucky enough to have a chance to hang out with him in the real world. Genuinely good person, and a lot of fun to hang out with. I really respect how he engages and builds the community on IG.

Suzie (@denimbitch) has such an awesome sense of style, and she was one of the first people I talked to when I started my account. She’s been really supportive, and a ton of fun to talk denim with.

Jaesung (@jaesungxlee) has an awesome feed, and one of the coolest vinyl collections around. Love his mix of music and style on the feed!

Brian (@youngsilhouette) and Richard (@doppki) both have top notch feeds; great photography, and some really cool exploration. I’ve had the chance to meet up with both of them down here in Richmond, and they’re great guys.

Jens (@sel.vage) has one of my favorite feeds. His style is great, and his fits are always so on point.

Johannes (@sennah0j) and Andreas (@andreasbergstrom83) out of Sweden kill it on the style game, and they’re a lot of fun to talk to; super nice guys!

@denimhound, @wildfrontiergoods, @jasonvanpul, @johanmalik80, @shadows_of_indigo, @selvedgewings, and @drjekyll84 are all people whose feeds I love, and just really like interacting with.

with @selvedge1

9. What tips would you give new starters on Instagram to help them get there feed off the ground and successful?

Get out there and engage! We have such an amazing community on IG – get to know the people in it and interact. If you just post and wait for the likes to roll in, or just chase follower counts, I feel like you miss out on a big opportunity. In addition to getting a chance to talk with some great people, you can also get feedback on your feed and hopefully figure out what you’re doing right, and what you can improve. Personally I’d rather have 1 follower who engages than 50 who just followed me and I’ll never hear from them again. That’s just my perspective though. IG is a huge place, and there’s room for all types. Learn to optimize hashtags. Most of all try to have fun with it. I try not to take it too seriously, and keep a sense of humor. That’s my approach. Figure out what works for you – your personal style or voice, and focus on that. There are a ton of accounts out there that try to be too many things (mine included; learn from my mistakes haha)

10. And Lucky Last, You’re going to be stranded on a desert island, you can take 1 outfit (4 items) and 1 drink ONLY with you. 

What would they be? Who made them? Why are you taking them?

Ray Ban Wayfarers

They’re a classic frame for a reason. They have a timeless style that can go with just about anything. I almost always have a pair with me.

Rogue Territory Western

The RGT westerns are pretty much my favorite shirts. I basically live in them fall through spring. The fit is exactly what I look for, and I’m a huge fan of western shirts in general. Karl really kills it on them. If i had to pick one, it would probably be the blue vintage plaid.

Shockoe Atelier Slim Kojima jeans

My favorite fitting pair of jeans, and a really cool mid weight denim. The fit just works almost perfectly with my body type.

Wolverine 1000 mile Horween roughout boots

The most comfortable boot I’ve owned from the moment I first put them on. Wolverine always kills it on quality, and that leather has so much character. I have a pretty decent sized collection of boots, but they’re the pair I end up throwing on more often than not.

Drink-wise I think it would have to be water if I’m trapped on a desert island, right? Haha maybe a bottle of Eagle Rare Single Barrel.


Ok, so now you’re one down on tonight’s brothers but make sure you check out our other dude for the evening right HERE. Seriously, I could have gone to town on the photos these guys post, some seriously solid feeds being discussed this evening people…SOLID!

Anyways, that’s another bout of the 10@10 complete so all that’s left to do now is SIGN UP TO THE BLOODY MAILING LIST!

Have a spot on weekend amigos! Much love.

Ben @clobbercalm.

P.S. If any of you are up for entering into #teamdenimworldwide make sure you let me know! LETS DO THIS PEOPLE.


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