PT&F17 – June

Hello folks.

Thanks for tuning in, to the June update of Project Threads & Fades. This month, like last, we’re keeping the text short-but-sweet. We are 6 months into the project and thought the best idea would be to recap the journey so far…

We are going to do this using the medium of interpretative dance the guy’s photos plus commentary from me, and @scwaudby_33. You’ll get the gist but we’ve taken 3 photos of each pair taken in January and 3 in June and so-on-and-so-on.


If you haven’t already seen, we’re happy to announce that Jess aka @aegishandcraft received the Kojimas a couple of weeks ago and they fit…with a little help from a top-tip. Really good to have you on board Jess!

Speaking of “on board”, you can probably tell from the fact that we mentioned Steve aka @scwaudby_33 earlier that Steve is now a firm member of the PT&F17 family and we’re lucky to have him.

Right…that’s enough from me and my rambling ways. The above has been said, the below is waiting for you. Read on and thanks again for following the journey up to this point!

(I want feedback on PT&F17 – What do you guys want to see? Do you have any questions for the dudes? What do you want to see us do more of? Please do reach out people in the comments so I can incorporate your ideas. It would be a pleasure)






Ben: Jens feed is a constant influence for dudes worldwide! Top boots! Top denim! Great fits and all-round top clobber! It’s awesome the Kojimas and our project is part of his IG journey.

Cal: That phone fade though?! Lot of effort gone in there Jens, man. The stacking looks properly great and the honeycombs are really starting to show through too. Top work!






Ben: Ahhhh Jess! Why didn’t we get in on the adventure from the start!? Who knows! The perfect dudette who’s only a month deep into the project and is already out-shining most “denim dudes”. Anyways, she looks much better in them than Ricki! More from Jess to come.

Cal: No offence to Ricki but think the jeans fit Jess better (after some slight TLC). The Insta Story tutorial was really, really good and helped me with a tight pair of 510s so cheers for that Jess. Can’t wait to see how these Kojimas fade…





Ben: Johan has probably achieved the best fades to date. The hot Indonesian 🇮🇩 climate and sandy surfaces is doing a top job of putting the Kojimas to the test!

Cal: All about the back pocket fades on Johan’s pair, probably the most prominent on all the pairs tbh. Also showing some really nice personality fades on the knees.





Ben: David is probably the most consistent in our team! Constantly posting images of the Kojimas, either mowing lawns/building household necessities or attending his family days out-and-about. Dave, I think will probably be the first dude to share a crotch repair with us! @scienceandkindness here we come…

Cal: You can really tell that David started the fit-process out by wearing these during a workout (or two) as the honeycombs and fading on the back of the calves is intense! Speaks to the quality of the denim that there was no crotch blowout during squats eh David? Brave man haha!





Ben: Paul constantly offers quality to the project! As a professor, the hardcore faces are never going to come straight away but his pictures are consistently absorbed in blue tones. The poetic texture of the Kojimas is becoming more prominent each week!

Cal: Speaking of “crotch blowouts”, Paul’s pair are showing signs but suppose that’s the price you pay to have (for me) the best whiskers out of all the pairs. The fades on the upper thigh seem to have really come through in the last month also.


Super. Smashing. Great.

Any of you guys got an idea yet whose pair is your fave yet? We’re 6 months in…you must have an inkling no?? Drop us a comment.

One man who remains impartial, as he’s now an integral cog in the PT&F machine, is Steven aka @scwaudby_33 BUT he did have the following to say:

Wow…it’s really crazy to think that we are already coming up on the end of June. It’s definitely been fun following along in the journey and seeing the progression from @bothrops1, @drmmathias, @sel.vage, @johanmalik80 and now @aegishandcraft. Each pair has started to take it’s own shape and we can definitely see how different each pair reflects it’s wearer. It’s hard to pick a favorite as they all have their own uniqueness and that’s what is so great about raw denim, no two pairs are the same. This is what we wanted to see; the evolution of five pairs even though different fits all start out looking the same and then are individualized throughout the year. I hope everyone has enjoyed following along as well and I know I am really looking forward to seeing each pair continue to change!

On to Monday, which sees us delve into the ‘…Brands…’ world once more and invites @paulkruizejeans to take a seat at the table. Paul’s setup is “one man, one machine”, handcrafting bespoke jeans out of, that hot-bed of denim talent, the Netherlands. See you there, usual time folks.

Also, this is actually our second post of the day. I know right?! We were honoured to have Greg the @denimhound review the Bata Bullets x Uncle Rocco’s sneakers and that is available for your reading pleasure right HERE. It comes in at a perfect night-cap measure of 3-5 mins so I think you should probably go read it right now…

Much love, stay close.

Ben @clobbercalm.


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