The road up to @selvedgerun No. 05

Howdy folks.

Hope all is rocking soundly in each, and every, universe in which you all exist! Now, I like to live my life “no regrets” BUT one regret I’m definitely going to carry forward, through to 2018, is that this coming week I won’t be at the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin for Summer 17’s edition of Selvedge Run.

The opportunity to attend was at the tip of my fingers but due to a pre-booked family adventure holiday I’m unable to make the flight! This does not mean I don’t want to get my finger in this pie…we have to! It’s clobbercalm and AT clobbercalm we talk about denim, to other blokes, that like denim. With this in mind, and ringing in our ears, we had to do throw a few questions at some of the shows organisers just so I had a feel of what I was about to miss…

..of course, the SR team were badass as always and were happy to fill us in.

The show runs from the 4th-6th of July (this coming week) and features tons of amazing brands that you can see right HERE. If you can’t make this one, don’t worry as it’s happening all over again in January 2018! I won’t be missing that one…no chance! After all, who goes on family holidays in January?? I will have no excuse.

Oh, before I forget, we also have the “Jeanius” that is Ruedi the @swissjeansfreak snapping the best fades in Berlin for us. That should make a great little addition to the CC website in the next few weeks.

Anyways, roll on @selvedgerun.




1. So tell us, what is Selvedge Run all about? How and when did it start?

Selvedge Run is Berlin’s tradeshow for quality garments and crafted goods and this will be our fifth show. Our brand selection always follows a few guidelines with craftsmanship and heritage at the core. But what we are also famous for is the spirit of the show itself, welcoming and building a like-minded community who is interested in well-made goods.


2. What do you hope to achieve from each event you host?

To build lasting relationships. To bring together some of the best brands in apparel, denim, heritage, accessories and shoes with buyers from prominent shops and industry professionals. We also want to seed new relationships betweens brands and creatives – support potential collaborations, for example. Selvedge Run is a B2B show with a lively atmosphere and lots of business going on through the three days and we aim to provide the best atmosphere possible.

3. So how many brands will be attending the event?

We’ll have about 100 exhibiting brands this summer.


4. What have you got happening this year that is a MUST for any Denim Head that can make the event?

An absolute must-see is the German Premiere of the Japanese denim documentary “Weaving Shibusa” hosted by Selvedge Run on July 5th in the iconic Babylon cinema, followed by a Q&A session with cast and crew. We had the opportunity to organize the event with the help of the producer, Kiya Babzani from Self Edge (USA) and are happy we can show it to a bigger audience in Berlin, as the event is open to public, and not only to Selvedge Run guests.


5. Sounds like its going to be a good one, are there any last points you think we should know about the event before you officially open the doors?

The brand portfolio is on point, the location is beautiful, the people are nice and the beers will be cold. See you there.


Stay tuned for a post-event update fellas and see the calendar below for the “shit ton” of features we have coming up…


Enjoy your Sunday amigos! Stay close.

Ben @clobbercalm.


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