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Hello people.

A few months back we decided to start a new mission here @clobbercalm HQ (the island in my kitchen)…the mission; to create ‘The Denim Map’. A map that, no matter where your travels takes you, will mean that you’re always able to find the local store stocking badass denim/boots/leather and anything else that’s cool!

Now it’s obvious we can’t do this alone and, also, that would be a little tedious and boring so instead we invite YOU guys to help us build the map! Your words! Your thoughts! Your local store! This project is about #teamdenimworldwide. We now have two pins HERE & HERE and thought it was about time we got a third on the map. To follow on the project, Tom aka @denim2dress has chimed in with, a favourite of a few of the 10@10 guys, Mildblend Supply Company, making them officially the third pin!

So, let’s go as @denim2dress pins @mildblendsupplyco to The Denim Map.




NAME: Mildblend Supply Company aka @mildblendsupplyco
LOCATION: Wicker Park, Chicago, IL
WEBSITE: mildblend.com


1. How did the store come to life? What’s the history?

I had been in the manufacturing side of the business making goods for Japanese shops and I always wanted to open a shop selling US made products. Previously, I owned a shop called Untitled but with the economy at the time not being so good, I closed Untitled and not long after opened Mildblend. I want the focus of this store to be on domestically produced goods with the central focus being on goods that are well made and get better with age.


2. What are your top 3 bestselling items in the store? And why do you think this is?

Tom: After thinking for a bit, Luke listed out these items…

• Collaborations with other brands they stock.
• Items made specifically for them—unique to them.
• And….well-made domestic products.

Tom: By the look of the various collaborations, I can see why they would be some of the best sellers.


3. What’s the bestselling brand overall?

Oh, that’s an easy one…Nudie Jeans.


4. In your personal opinion what’s the best 3 pieces that you offer? Your favourites?

Tom: Luke laughed. That’s personal, but there are indeed favorites of mine. That would be a “closed door hearing.” Luke is the kind of guy who will talk about a lot of different things and the ‘closed door session’ folded right into a conversation about politics and world events. So cool!

5. What the best thing about working at Mildblend Supply Company?

Meeting people who care about what they carry and what they wear and who are passionate about quality over quantity. Definitely a “buy less but better” notion.



NAME: Tom Arbogast aka @denim2dress

1. How does the store feel when you first walk in? What springs to mind?

When walking into the store, it is hard not to notice a nice layout. The first two things that drew my attention were the men’s denim on the right side of the store and the collection of boots in the middle of the store. When I turned back to look towards the front of the store, the large American flag hanging on the wall grabbed my attention. The store overall has a good “feel” to it…very unpretentious.

2. Where does the shop’s product originate from?

A lot of American goods— American denim (3sixteen and Rogue Territory) of course, but also Filson bags and Thorogood, Red Wing, and Wolverine boots as well. A lot of the goods are American made which fits in with Luke’s idea for the store. With that said, there is a Japanese denim presence as well. The Japanese brands include Iron Heart and Pure Blue Japan just to name two. So they have an emphasis on American produced goods, but also include quality products from outside the US.

3. Describe the customer service?

A highlight of the store has to be the service. They are very attentive but not overbearing. They are always willing to help out but also willing to leave you be if you are truly just browsing.

If you are lucky and Luke the owner is in the store, don’t be surprised if he is right there to talk about a certain line of clothing, denim in general, politics or just about anything.

Not only do they provide great advice and help, but they also do onsite denim hemming and denim repair in the front of the store visible for all to see.

4. What’s the product selection like?

Chances are if you are looking for the traditional clobber (which is most likely why you are there in the first place), Mildblend will not disappoint! You may or may not find exactly what you are looking for that day, but it shouldn’t be because they have a limited selection. From jeans to boots and jackets to shirts you can find numerous brands and styles for each type of item.

5. How are the prices?

Very competitive.

~ Notes ~

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Mildblend does have a ladies’ side of the store too—though I am not as familiar with it.

When in the store just the other day it hit me that Chuck Berry was what was playing. The music fits the traditional 1950s/1960s denim vibe. Too cool!

I think having an owner who has experience on the manufacturing side of the industry really helps as he notices things that others may not.

One of my other favourite aspects of the store is that whilst selling quality stylistic pieces, they are the opposite of Jeffrey’s from Saturday Night Live fame. The elitist clerks (played by Jimmy Fallon and Sean Hayes) and the related ‘attitude’ cannot be found at Mildblend Supply.


If any of you fellow blue bloods, like Tom, have a store either close or far that you are enamoured with then feel free to give us a shout. Now that the features are flying out we want to keep pinning to ‘The Denim Map’, either with a feature like this one or just by adding to the Denim Map page that will be set up soon. Hit us up in the comments, through our Contact page or via our various Instagram accounts and stay close peeps.

Ben @clobbercalm.


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