Ruedi’s Top Ten Fave Fades – June (Selvedge Run Edition)

Hello all. This is Ruedi.

I was born in Sept. 8th 1959 in a little village, of 40 people, in the remote Swiss alps and I grew up in a poor 12 person family.

We received many clothes donation parcels during the 60’s and 70’s. In one of the parcels, around 1973, were 2 pairs of Levi’s jeans which got my full attention instead of the common corduroy pants since we had never seen jeans before, until then. I became a complete raw denim addict more-and-more over time and I started collecting raw denim then, now having over 14,000 jeans and denim jackets…so far!

The idea of a little Jeansmuseum of heaviest fadings grew in my heart and since 2001 this little museum is open on request in Zürich, Switzerland. Showing the strong power of natural raw denim evolution on many items and brands, we want to keep the raw denim spirit alive.

Besides this, I’m working as a geographer with Geographical Information systems on water management in Zürich and I love doing mountain races, bicycling, hiking and climbing.

With this blog I want to show some of my favourite items, showing you all the many possibilities and variations of denim evolution, created by tons of raw denim love to some well loved jeans and denim jackets.

~ The Swiss Jeans Freak 6-4-17



Stevenson Overalls worn by @keitatakamori and modified Lee Jeans with Wrangler back pockets worn by a man from the @brundcph in Copenhagen.



Samurai Jeans worn by the Founder of Ondura Goods and Sudio d’Artisan Jeans worn by their chief designer.



Nudie Jeans worn by the hamburger vendor at Selvedge Run.



Todd Bluebaugh and Pete Searson (@tellason), Atelier La Durance, Hiut Denim, APC special edition with Keyne West.



Lee Logger Jeans seen at Seek and Atelier La Durance Jeans.



Pete Searson’s and Stephan’s new and worn out jeans at Burgundschild Party.



Stephan’s old Tellason Jeans.



Levi’s Jeans seen on the street and old Levi’s Jeans worn HARD for 20 years by Philip from Berlin.



Benzak Denim Developers Jeans worn by Lennaert Nijgh and Lee Jeans worn by a young worker from Selvedge Run.



Pure Blue Japan Jeans worn HARD for 6 months by Peter Chan from LA on a 4 year world round trip, Tellason Jeans from Todd Bluebaugh from LA, Lee Storm Rider Denim Jacket and Samurai Jeans from Frank Heitmann, Denimgarage, from Berlin.


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