PT&F17 – July

Hello folks.

Thanks for tuning in, to the July update of Project Threads & Fades. This month, like the last couple, we’re keeping the text short-but-sweet. We are 7 months into the project and thought we’d do a quick hit as things have been mad busy @clobbercalm HQ (the island in my kitchen).


Each PT&F dude is getting a grid that shows of their July journey and the lone dudette, Ms. Jess Murray, is finally getting to let us know her thoughts on the project, complete with a great July pic.

Right…that’s enough from me and my rambling ways. The above has been said, the below is waiting for you. Read on and thanks again for following the journey up to this point!

(I want feedback on PT&F17 – What do you guys want to see? Do you have any questions for the dudes? What do you want to see us do more of? Please do reach out people in the comments so I can incorporate your ideas. It would be a pleasure)









Jess: First month has been fun! I have really started to break this pair in. I tend to be in between sizes (29W-30W)​, so these being 29W’s required a little TLC. I did a quick dampening and stretching routine to get it to really take shape, and it seems to be working out well! I really love the little, slimmer, details on this pair, and the fabric is so good. It’s bright and I can already imagine how blue the fades will come in.

These Kojimas being pre-worn, got me through the break in period a bit faster, but that also made the “molding” phase a little harder since it had already taken shape to someone else’s body. That being said it’s been fun getting to see how my fades/wears have begun to take over and they no longer look as though they we’re pre-loved.

There are so many brands trying their hand at a perfect lady fit, but the truth is- we’re all shaped so differently (like the fellas) and so the key is to try all and every pair and give them a try or else we’ll never find the right pair. I do suggest anyone who has a hard time finding a pair of raws, this includes men, women, gender- non conforming, to try their hand at a pair of unsanforized. A pair that is truly raw, and expected to shrink, will get you a unique fit meant for your own body. And! Of course there’s always alterations for minor or inevitable fit issues, in my case usually a quick hem, or taper and occasionally a waist tuck. No shame in the game, as long as you dig the pair your rocking!











All looking brill guys! Plus, Jess it’s great to get your thoughts on your “pre-loved” pair of Kojimas.

On to Monday, which sees us delve into a certain brand that’s synonymous with one of the Insta hashtags that I, myself, penned #mocsandsocksmonday. You’re all familiar with @chupsocks, no doubt, so tune in on Monday for that, guys.

Much love, stay close.

Ben @clobbercalm.


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