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Hello people.

It’s me, Ben/Woodzy/Clobbzy, I suppose it depends how you got to know me as to what you recognise me as?

The truth? It’s 2123 on Friday (Yesterday), I’m deep into a Coors Light and I have paused a rather shitty JT film called “In Time” so that I can get this intro punched onto the front of the @denham_uk pin that I did a few weeks back for #clobbercalm + #denhamweek.

I’ve had to get 5 cans deep this evening as I’m still getting over the fact that I took my two little ’ns to a fun fair yesterday and spent £60 in 60 minutes. Wow! When I turned up and saw it was empty I thought…BONUS. Little did I realise that it would cost £4 for each ride and they only lasted 2 minutes! With no queues either due to the quietness, fuck! I spent less in Vegas! Jeeezzzzz…kids loved it though so all is good! (ish) 😉

So anyways, back to the important shizzle, @denham_uk, the first DENHAM shop to open in the UK and in my back garden too (Leeds, UK). Well, of course, I had to pin this little petal of denim goodness myself…

Let’s see how it went, shall we, as @clobbercalm pins @denham_uk to The Denim Map.




NAME: DENHAM aka @denham_uk
WEBSITE: www.denhamthejeanmaker.com


1. How did the store come to life? What’s the history?

Back in 2008, Jason Denham’s passion for creating premium quality denim drove him to start the brand ‘Denham the Jeanmaker’. Since then the brand has grown massivley and is now represented in over 20 countries with key stores in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Tokyo, Osaka, Sydney and here in Leeds. Denham has always been around the UK but really took off when the first store opened up back in July 2015, and we haven’t looked back since. As soon as you walk in the store you know that your not just in any old jean store. You are greeted by a sea of scissors dotted around which represents Jason’s love of jeans and tailoring.

2. What are your top 3 bestselling items in the store? And why do you think this is?

Our RAZOR Slim VCSS as it’s a virgin denim. Virgin denim is denim that has been woven and dyed but hasn’t gone though the pre-wash stage. Basically it’s immediately cut and sewn into a pair of jeans as soon as it comes off the loom so it dosent have any distress or wash marks. The jean will be a deep blue indigo colour while possesing a little shine, on your first wear it will be a tad stiff but eventually it will mould to your body shape and develop unique fade marks and patterns. It’s strong and long lasting.

The Bolt FBL Skinny Fit (Forever Black) jean as it’s a staple piece for every wardrobe. Everyone needs a black jean somewhere down the line. Our Bolt fit is part of our stretch denim range which focuses on movement, comfort and balance. It’s crafted from natural cotton which offers strength and durability to make it long lasting. They also recover shape very quickly over time whilst keeping it’s authenticity. Using various twills, weights, and blends over the years, Denham are one of the first brands to pioneer elastane/stretch based denim. It tapers slighty at the ankle giving it a classic tight fit as it silhouettes close to the body. The fact it’s tripled dyed too, means this jean will keep it’s colour a lot longer than normal.

Last but not least is another of DENHAMs signature pieces – The Rhys CO shirt which again is a must in everyone’s wardrobe. It’s made from Oxford cotton which gives it that rugged look yet laundered at the same time. With natural reinforcement on the shoulder line for enhanced design and durability, this long sleeved shirt comes in many colours and ensures all-day comfort and goes with just about any bottom.

3. What’s the bestselling brand overall?

N/A (but obviously DENHAM)


4. In your personal opinion what’s the best 3 pieces that you offer? Your favourites?

See Q2.

5. What the best thing about working at DENHAM?

Meeting new people every single day. You never know who you are going to meet. If you told me on Thursday night that I was going to meet Stephen Graham, the famous actor from ‘This is England’ and ‘Snatch’, on Friday then I would’ve laughed in your face…on the Friday I met him, see our Instagram @denham_uk. I love serving custumers from all corners of the world and can’t see myself getting bored of it. I’ve done it for 8 years now and probably will do it for at least another 8 more.




NAME: Me aka @clobbercalm


1. How does the store feel when you first walk in? What springs to mind?

It’s clean, lots of nice light, airy windows that reflect a tint of blue from all the denim and I was instantly greeted by the lovely store manager, Jimmy, who was more than happy to talk me though anything I needed to know. Jimmy’s team are all young and eager to interact and offer their services. No harsh selling techniques, just good old chin wag customer service.

The fittings look great and are obvs bespoke and tailored to the iconic DENHAM Scissors, there is an upstairs & downstairs and of course an absolute shit load of DENHAM Denim across a boatload of different cuts/colours and styles and that’s not even mentioning the bread and butter basic tees, sweats etc. It’s welcoming and warm. Great!

2. Where does the shop’s product originate from?

Ah, this one’s easy for me…the DENHAM brand is based in Holland but I was advised by the team that the denim originates from the Italian-based Candiani mill. You may have seen this in the recent product review by our bro @denimhound, just yesterday HERE, on their VCSS Raw Selvedge Jean. The Candiani mill is now a fourth generation family mill which carries it’s own mega history that’s for another time!

3. Describe the customer service?

This is easy, it’s great, super helpful, no pressure. You get a coffee when you enter! What’s not to like?! The guys here are great, there is no stress on this front!


4. What’s the product selection like?

Well it’s a DENHAM specific store by large so as you can imagine there is a vast array of DENHAM clobber ranging from the jeans to the jackets to the coats to the tees. It’s all there! However, downstairs I did spot some classic 70’s Chucks and a long time fave of mine…the @clarksoriginals Desert Treks!

5. How are the prices?

The prices like all true denim stores are higher than the average high street store. How can it not be? The product is tip-top spec and designed to last for years! This sort of thing does not come for nothing. In line with other denim brands is par for the course. You get what you pay for. Simples.

~ Notes ~

Just to reiterate, the first thing that struck me about the DENHAM store was how pleasant the staff are. Totally cool and very much not overbearing. Also it’s interesting to the see a DENHAM franchise over here in the UK, it says a lot about where Jason might want the company to go. It’s going to be interesting to follow and find out…


If any of you fellow blue bloods, like me, have a store either close or far that you are enamoured with then feel free to give us a shout. Now that the features are flying out we want to keep pinning to ‘The Denim Map’, either with a feature like this one or just by adding to the Denim Map page that will be set up soon. Hit us up in the comments, through our Contact page or via our various Instagram accounts and stay close peeps.

Ben @clobbercalm.


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