CLOBBERCALM SUPPLY CO. – The story so far

Evening rockers.

As always, I hope y’all tip-top and on for a good week..?

It’s been a bank holiday here in the UK and a warm one at that so the beers have flowed in harmony with many a BBQ and nights on the town. I enjoyed my fair drowning as usual, it’s hard to resist although this week the missus has given me the Scarborough warning to avoid the hops for a few days. I’ve said that I’ll give it go as, she is right, I’ve been ploughing through the bevvie’s a little too regular for a while now but I’m sure some of you know the feeling? Work busy, family VERY busy, evenings equal too much to do and the weekends just are not long enough…it’s simply, life in the 21st century. So what to do when you need to switch off? Yup, crack open a bevvie or 5 😉 Anyways, I’m willing to see how I get on? This Diet Coke isn’t cutting the mustard though, it’d be a lot more palatable with bourbon swimming in it! True story!

Anyways, what are we here for? Why have I asked for your attention? Well, I’ll tell you…

…on the road up to CLOBBERCALM SUPPLY CO. opening it’s doors I’m going to drop at least one feature a week just to keep you all in the loop regards what’s happening and more importantly what product we will be able to offer the denim world.

We took everybody’s feedback on board last week regards the brands we should be stocking and that whole process is coming together just lovely. There is plenty to talk about on that front but firstly I wanted to talk a little more about my passion and belief that CCSC should be offering it’s brothers and sisters the option to buy select pieces of vintage clothing if they so choose.

Vintage clothing has long since been around and vintage stores/thrift shops/swap stores have long been a staple to most communities. It’s a great thing and it’s my first love! Yeah, I’ve grown to attain a more acquired taste when it comes to my clothes these days and have become a high denim enthusiast but I can’t leave the good old vintage clobber behind. I’ve had 12 years surrounded by this genre of clothing, totally cut my teeth in the clothing world working as an advocate for the positives vintage clothing has to offer. I’m a true student of the lifestyle and will long remain extremely fond of my time I spent “balls deep” in the vintage world!

More importantly, the time I spent with my vintage family @glassonionvintageltd has taught me more about the supply and sustainability of vintage than I could’ve ever imagined. It’s a complicated world, nothing is straight John Bull, it’s one massive riddle. Luckily for me and you, I have had the privilege of working under and alongside some top people and even better friends, helping the company grow into one of the world’s leading suppliers of vintage clothing. I’ve gotta stock some haven’t I? It would be foolish not to! 😉

As expected I focused on ensuring a great selection of true vintage workwear that could be from the 60’s or even 90’s and anywhere inbetween. If the silhouette of the garment fit the clobber bill I bought it. I’m no connoisseur and I’m certainly not an antiques dealer but I just love garments that look cool, have been made well and will serve any top chap or chapette with distinction and integrity.

I have everything from chore jackets to unique print tees, nice 1970’s Tultex 50/50 raglan sweats to some good old sturdy Russell Athletic and, sports heritage favourite, Champion. I’ve dipped my toe into the military world by sourcing some European field jackets and the deadstock thermals for Autumn which look incredible, both plain and over dyed…it’s all about the layers! Oh, and I found an original version of the fatigue pant! Only about 25 pieces but, holy shit balls, they are smoking!!

I chucked a few quick pics together earlier today just to give you a little idea as to what you can expect from our vintage collection. I will also be offering a personal shopping service on the items I have so if you’re ever on the lookout for an item you think we may be stocking just drop me an email at and we can take it from there…

…just a heads up before the requests start rolling, my ability to source vintage boots is non-existent nor have I go that 1940’s BigE that you have been longing for. As I previously mentioned, almost antique garments is not my approach. Cool core, rugged, heavy, strong patina’d, denim/canvas and high quality jersey is my focus. Oh and flannels, I haven’t mentioned flannels yet?! I have some awesome perfectly worn flannel shirts that would do Paul Bunyan proud.

Anyways guys, thanks for stopping by, it’s much appreciated and I intend to keep you all in the loop. Please keep your brand suggestions coming our way so we can do our best to represent them in our store for you guys.

Stay close people, much love.

Ben @clobbercalm.


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