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Hello people.

Hope you’re all having a top week, so far, and that’s it from me! Over to a familiar face…

ey, hey… It’s Dave! Or some of you better know me as @drmmathias on the IG. I am checking in for another blog entry on the awesome @clobbercalm blog to help out my vintage and denim brother Ben Woodhouse. So we are going to switch things up a little bit on this blog post. This is a product review post, which not much different about that, plenty of those on the blog already. The topic of review is a bit different though. Haven’t had any boot lace reviews that I’m aware of. Before you turn that radio dial, bear with me and keep reading…

So most of the folks reading the blog are true denimhead or boot afficianados, or both! I gotta say, if you like the boots there is no better way to spice things up a bit than to add some color to your boot repertoire. Easiest way to do that as you are aging and adding patina to your boot leather like fine wine? Well laces of course. What’s better than spicing it up just for looks? Spicing it up with a tough as nails lace that can hang with your tough boots as you age and wear both together through thick and thin.

While we are on the topic of boot laces, I have to share one of my favorite boot lace stories. This dude breaths, drinks, eats, lives for boot laces. No mass production here. Just fine USA sourced military grade paracord hand crafted into a beautiful and tough as hell boot lace. I noticed this guy and company a while back when I was chatting with Brian the @boothunter about tough laces. Brian recommended this guy. I ordered up a couple pair of laces… The rest is history!

So sit back, crack open your favorite beverage, open your mind, and enjoy this review….


1. How did you come across Pisgah Range Ltd?

One day I was looking to replace some boot laces that broke. I checked with one of my boot brothers, Brian the @boothunter and he recommended Pisgah Range Ltd, a boot lace company he had used a couple times. Pisgah Range Ltd is named after the region the owner lives in. It’s a tough Appalachian mountain range in southeast USA. The boot laces are tough like the region so it’s a great name and really fits.

2. What caught your eye about them?

First of all, the color range offered really caught my eye. There are many options of both solid color and pattern colors. But after purchasing some, it wasn’t just the color. The paracord hand weave was tight and quality, and the aglets were also quality with cool company naming on the aglets which come in two colors (brass or gunmetal).

3. What is the spec of the product?

Basically, the product is made from USA sourced military grade paracord, no exceptions. It is hand crafted by the one man show business. I also like the fact, while the laces are offered in three standard sizes, they can be custom ordered in literally any size and they will be handcrafted to custom spec sizing. The color of the aglets is also optional between the two standard colors of brass or gunmetal, in case you are more of a brown tones or black tones kinda person.


4. Why is it a product we should search out and buy?

Well, if you are passionate about boots, to me, there is nothing more fun after you have polished up your boots, made them look nice, than adding some spice to your finely aging boots with some new colored laces. It will literally transform your boots. Pick your favorite color. Pick a color that matches to the outfit color you wear the most. Pick the color you think is toughest. There are many options. But more importantly, it’s just a quality product. I like to buy the best stuff that will last. These laces will last and the company stands behind the quality. Very high quality for what I consider an extremely reasonable price.

5. Where is it available?

No brick and mortar yet for this product, it’s a very small one man business operation. But there is an online store fully functional for all of the colors/products of laces. Just look up @pisgah_range_ltd on IG or go straight to the site at: www.pisgahrangeltd.com

6. What’s the price of the product?

Standard and custom are $9.99 US dollars per set of laces.

That’s it gang. If you are ever in need of some awesome shoe or boot lace colors or some tough as hell laces, check out Pisgah Range Ltd @pisgah_range_ltd and pick up some bad ass laces. You won’t be disappointed and hopefully you will enjoy your boots just a little bit more each time you lace them up with these bad boys. Have a great day and talk to ya soon in the next blog post.

~ Dave Mathias 6-9-17​


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