Evening blue bloods

Tonight I’m focusing the attention back onto our newest project – CLOBBERCALM SUPPLY CO.

Today I have a little confession to make, I’ve decided that for the next couple of weeks I’m going to lay off the blogs. As a one man band currently overseeing the set up of the ‘CLOBBERCALM SUPPLY CO.’ and the e-commerce element to this very website my free time is very stretched.

As you know I have tremendous support from both Callum and Nico here in the UK and also Steve aka @scwaudby_33 over in the US who monitors the ‘Threads & Fades Project’ for me but that still isn’t going to get the job done in the time frame it requires so whilst Steve will remain busy with our/his @clobbercalm.threadsnfades2017 feed I’m going to have a sit down for a beer and chat with my brothers Cal and Nico and discuss redirecting their attention away from the 10@10’s and onto helping me directly getting the web business and the SUPPLY CO. bricks and mortar space fully functioning.

I’m missing emails left, right and centre regards the features at the minute and that’s not cool to the people willing to take their time to help build the clobbercalm community so I’ve had to re-think the situation. I can’t wait to get cracking back on working with all the new guys who are willing to help create amazing content for but I have to be realistic and admit that, to do it properly, I’m looking at November onward.

This month I just need to get my head down and get the growth of clobbercalm up, running and functioning. Setting this stuff up costs serious money, money I need to get back into clobbercalm sharpish so it can continue to grow. The blogs are currently completely non-profit so I will be using them ever so often only to keep you updated on whats happening with CLOBBERCALM SUPPLY CO. on the run up to it officially opening.

In the meantime regards the SUPPLY CO. I have set up an exclusive members section called ‘The Bullet Club’. Being a member of said ‘Bullet Club’ not only entitles you to 20% off your first CLOBBERCALM SUPPLY CO. purchase but it also ensures you get 10% discount OR freebie accessories on all additional purchases throughout the 12 month membership. You get first refusal on ALL new lines that come into CCSC and behind the scenes notifications on all up and coming projects that you may just find interesting and fun.

The annual subscription for ‘The Bullet Club’ sits at £50 for the twelve months. With the discounts this includes, £50 is nothing right? BUT I also wanted to give my readers and supporters the chance to join for free so a few weeks back I ran a public post asking for help regards what brands I could chase and stock for you guys and everybody that reached out and helped out got free membership to the club for 12 months. Here’s the thing, as the response was so positive I decided that I’m going to allow 10 more members to join for free and a further 10 to join for half price. It’s first come first served so if you’re up for it, either DM me on IG right here @clobbercalm OR drop me an email on and I will hook you up 😀

In the meantime I’m going leave you with a few of the best posts I’ve seen on my feed over the past few days so…Enjoy!!

Stay close people, much love.

Ben @clobbercalm.


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