PT&F17 – October

Hello folks.

Hope you’re well.

Wow being Balls deep in the supply co lately this little FADE focused treat nearly slipped my mind!
How the hell are our Kojima warriors doing? How did they do throughout last month?

Lets take a look eh brothers! (And sisters).



Paul AKA @BOTHROPS1 – killing it with the Shockeo/Belstaff spec!”

Jens AKA @SEL.VAGE – The Handsome man in blue!

Jess AKA @AEIGISHANDCRAFT – Looking spic and span as always and what a gang eh! #denimcomunity

Johan AKA @JOHANMALIK – Denim – Boots – Sun = Johan


Dave – AKA @DRMMATHIAS – He’s the all rounder. Polite, Helpful, Health, Denim, Boots.


Top stuff guys! Final furlong now! it’l be 2018 before we can say Merry Chr……….

Right dudes, The store opens this week so we have a few features lined up so we will see ya both Thursday and Friday 😉

Have a top week.
Much Love
Ben @clobbercalm. (Thank heavens its nearly Beer O’clock eh!)


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