The road up to @selvedgerun No. 06

Howdy folks.

We thought it’d be quite apt to start this feature with how we started our ‘road up to…’ the last edition of Selvedge Run…

Hope all is rocking soundly in each, and every, universe in which you all exist! Now, I like to live my life “no regrets” BUT one regret I’m definitely going to carry forward, through to 2018, is that this coming week I won’t be at the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin for Summer 17’s edition of Selvedge Run.

…well, come Tuesday me and Ben will be on a plane to Berlin for Selvedge Run No. 06 so regret squashed. Can’t wait!

Whilst there, our interview/meeting list reads like a who’s who…a real murderers row. With a calendar that boasts Stetson, Japanblue Jeans, 3sixteen, Viberg, Oak Street Bootmakers, Tanner Goods, Indigo Fera, Iron Heart we think we’ll be busy boys. I’m sure we’ll find time for a stein and a bratwurst though? Surely?!

So, to give you all a bit of insight into Selvedge Run No. 06, which I imagine you’re all aching for, we sent a couple of questions over to Toni (Media & Communications) at Selvedge Run and she obliged us with the below answers…

Roll on @selvedgerun.




1. So, what can we expect from Selvedge Run No. 06?

We have moved to a new location, so expect more light, more space and better service for both brands and visitors.


2. Whats brands should we be checking out, in particular? Any newbies to the scene?

We are excited about all of our new and fresh brands, for example, Cafe Leather Supply, a Spanish brand producing goods from premium vegetable tanned leather, or Les Motocyclettistes from France, who’s owner Pierre Girard designs robust and stylish motorcycle jackets, inspired by other pioneers in this niche, such as Lewis Leathers…who are also exhibiting at Selvedge Run for the first time this January! Big come-backs make Iron Heart, Shoepassion Berlin, Chippewa. We’ve got another big Japanese denim pioneer, Big John, debuting at the show. It’s an endless list, really.

3. Why the location change?

We realized that if we want to grow, we have to take a few steps further, one of which would be the location change. So we did. The Berlin ExpoCenter and our cooperation with a bigger one than our show, Panorama Berlin, helps us improve our service and professionality. Furthermore, we are trying to make it easier for the buyer who comes to visit us and other shows, by centralizing the Berlin tradeshow scene. That saves a lot of traveling around town and therefore – time.


4. What do you hope to achieve from this years event?

Since it is the first show at the new location, we hope to adjust to it as smoothly as possible and meet the positive expectations that brands and visitors have, as well as gain more traffic than ever.


5. Any final comments or notes to add?

Come and visit the show. That would be the best way to feel the atmosphere of the new location, combined with our old community spirit and even better service quality.


Cheers Toni, really appreciate your time on this and we can’t wait to attend next week. Look forward to meeting in person and hope the event goes smoothly!

As you can probably imagine, me and Ben are mega excited for this and all the brands we are going to be chatting to. Hope you guys are looking forward to it when we follow up with our review in a few weeks plus, stay tuned throughout next week for snippets of what we’re up to (whilst there) through the @clobbercalm IG.

Enjoy your Sunday amigos! Stay close.


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