PT&F17 – December (it’s a wrap)

Hello folks.

Project Threads & Fades ’17. Done. Ok, not yet. Nearly…


In a year where the world seemingly turned upside down, the one constant was knowing that five pairs of jeans, across three continents, for 365(ish) days were being adorned to their fullest fades potential. A year which brought Jens aka @sel.vage (one of our PT&F quintet) from behind the camera to show a beard that rivals mine and had UK-based male model @rickisamhall turn into USA-based craftswoman Jess aka @aegishandcraft (if you’ve followed, you GET THAT) we need to add a full stop.

Said “full stop” needs a perfect intro and I think @ruggedworkwear, @johanmalik80 and @bothrops1 plus Jens & Jess deserve better than my dulcid, Northern drawl could ever muster so I’ll hand the mic over to our PT&F bro Steven aka @scwaudby_33. Steven took some of the responsibility off of me & Ben regards the project, simply down to an eager enthusiasm for what we were aiming to achieve…

…so sit back, relax and crack open a beer as you listen to Steven’s thoughts regards ‘Project Threads & Fades 2017’. Then scroll down for the thoughts of the faders themselves, with pics. It’s been emotional, Steve?

Steve: Even though we are now into a new year, it is crazy to look back and see how fast 2017 came and went. It was a pleasure being a part of the Threads & Fades project and watching all five pairs of Kojima’s evolve. Even though I think we all were interested in the fades and how each pair showed the individuality to the wearer, my favorite part was getting to interact with everyone involved. We really had a core group of individuals and I feel like friendships were formed that will continue to grow as we continue to connect through Instagram and maybe even in person if we ever find each other in the same cities. I hope everyone who followed the project enjoyed the journey as much as we did documenting it and sharing it with you!




The slim kojima became quickly my go to pair of denim! I spotted the slim kojima the first time at stuff fine goods in Düsseldorf and I immediately pulled the trigger on them. The fit was pretty amazing … the leg opening could be a little bit smaller, but that’s only my opinion and not everyone likes the skinny look 😉 what I really like is the clean and simple look and so I couldn’t say no to another pair of them. Eventhough the project is over , I still wear both of them a lot! I would buy another pair in a heartbeat. The Quality and the workmanship is amazing! They don’t fade that fast, but that’s obviously no quality issue 😉 I can’t say anything bad about it!



Can I just start by saying that this project has been so much fun?! I got a bit if a late start, and a pant size too small, yet didn’t fret! They required a bit of TLC to get into, a cold soak- and a Paula Abdul workout video was all it took! And then breaking-in of it all was a breeze! The fit on these Shockoe Atelier Kojima slims are a dream! And it doesnt hurt that the detailing on these are amazing as well! From the the slim fit, slightly narrower double needle seams, and the way the denim faded to a beautiful bright blue what was there not to love? Which brings me to just the overwhelming humble-ness I feel being able to participate and join the boys on this project! I had a great time! Thank you! 😘



I started this project on January 2017, at that time i got message from @clobbercalm aka Ben my buddy. Ben doing a project With USA based raw denim brand where they will Donate a pair of jeans to 5 warriors (@sel.vage aka Jens, @ruggedworkwear aka David, @bothrops1 Aka Professor Paul, and @aegishandcraft Jess she’s one of the prettiest fighters🧝🏼‍♀️) that are to be worn (really worn) as much as possible through 2017. Each month we will do a feature on the clobber website documenting the fades along with little snippets of the life they are leading. I immediately answered I joined this project!

It became a pride for me then, as I represent my country Indonesia in this great project, because you know so many people out there can get the chance for it! Since I started this project I never soak them! I want to make them fade naturally, and I really like to see the fades from blue colour on them when exposed the sunlight. I really love this jeans, not too thick and not too thin (14oz), very suited to my country climate. The fit is good and I have put them through some work, holding up very well. Fades are really showing on the knees first month, front thighs, and in especially on the left pocket and some whispering in the front at top of thigh and behind knees.

Well, in September When I visited my mine my jeans hit by mud, and for the first time I washed them with seawater. Really unexpected after washing it, they look very beautiful and glowing! What kind of fabric is this!! They super stretched before that and perfect fit after wash, awesome! I’m sorry @swissjeansfreak aka Ruedi Karrer, I do it! Even though he always told me Johan please don’t wash your jeans 🙏🏽

What is my favorite combination with Kojima, of course you know it ; boots will not be separated from me, hahaa.. With a small touch I combined them with some flannels, workshirts, and my jacket. Kojima has become part of my life, too many stories and memories that I can share to all of you.

Really sad to finish this project, but you know this is a BEGINNING!!



I loved the project. The group was really a fun group and the pictures the group produced through the year were just excellent. Socializing with this group really motivated me to up my game and even though I don’t think I will fool anybody into thinking I’m a photographer… My pictures are night and day different in a much better way after evolving my approach to pictures during the year.

Finally, the denim was superb. I have nothing but good things to say about Shockoe Atelier products. In fact, during the year I bought a Shockoe Atelier shirt (western shirt), a Shockoe Atelier vintage denim scarf, and three more sets of Shockoe Atelier pants (como military trousers, vintage green canvas military trousers, and relaxed montrose). The denim project focus of Shockoe Atelier Kojima classic (similar to standard with higher rise) was fantastic. It was very durable, the first half of the year especially I did a lot of outdoors physical labor in the denim and it held up like a champ. The denim was a deceptively tough fader, it started fading very quickly, but then took a lot of wear and activity to fade after the initial electric blue fades started. I loved the evolution of the denim. So comfortable and the look of the aging and fades is so natural and distinct to my activities. Some activities that show in the denim include:

  • Outside work in the mud which required spot cleaning… lots of spot cleaning
  • Outside work gathering and burning fallen trees, brush, scrub
  • Outside work mowing acres of grass
  • Outside work cutting down trees and planting trees
  • Outside work leveling grade / landscaping
  • Outside work cleaning gutters and down spouts which wore one side of a calf/leg and very much wore one of the back pockets sliding around on a shingle roof
  • Many inside the home projects including painting many rooms in the house which got paint on the denim which required spot cleaning
  • Various wood work projects including rustic coffee table, rustic full length mirror, rustic shoe bench, et cetera
  • Lifting weights in the denim to break it in when it was initially a little tight
  • Sleeping in the denim especially during break in
  • Hiking in the denim many times
  • Many traveling work trips to various cities in the denim
  • I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but this denim was truly my companion the entire year. It was rare during the year of 2017 for me to not be wearing the denim!
  • I cannot recall for sure, but I estimate I wore the denim at least 345-350 days during the year. And I believe I soaked them twice, one initial cold soak and later a hot soak. The last soak was in May, 2017.

I didn’t really have any dislikes during the project. Only really wish I could have worn the denim even more than I did. Working in an office prevented me from wearing the denim 24/7, but I did wear it nearly every day during the year so that’s good at least.



For starters, it was an honor to have been asked to wear stellar jeans and collaborate with great folks! This is a great example of how social media can help to build real communities.

In total, I wore the Standard Kojima over 310 days (That’s conservative, I misplaced my calendar!). I soaked them at room temperature only one time after about 7 months. From the start, I loved these. I’m a standard size 32 and I ordered these in 32. To be honest, it was a little tough to button the top button the first three times I wore them but eventually things moved nicely. They are some of the most comfortable jeans in this weight that I’ve ever worn. During the first few weeks, I was asked about them by many random folks….they are great looking jeans.

I have a job that doesn’t require very much physical work so the fades didn’t really happen as fast as the jeans worn by some of the other folks. After about two months, I stared seeing movement in the obvious places. I don’t keep my wallet or knife or phone in my front pocket so I’ll never get those awesome front fades.

As with all great jeans, the rate at which these got better (fit, fades, feel) accelerated after three months. I looked forward to wearing these on a daily basis. I changed the level on the cuffs several times and eventually settled on a somewhat high cuff. This meant that they either hit the tops of my high boots perfectly or that they showed a little sock with other footwear.

I had a crotch blowout after about 10 months that was expertly repaired by the gurus at @scienceandkindness. I missed these jeans while they were getting fixed. It was great to have them back. About a month later, I had another blowout and the folks in the project decided to not get them repaired so that the blowout would be visible when the jeans were displayed! I’m sending these to the UK to be displayed with some of the jeans from the other folks.

I’m looking forward to getting another pair of Standard Kojimas (I’ll go with the exact same size) and I’ve missed the feel and look of these over the last few months. MASSIVE thanks to all involved! What a great honour. I give these jeans my highest recommendation!!!


That’s that! A wrap for a cracking project that we @clobbercalm are really humbled by and get the feeling everyone else involved share the warmth? Guys, to a man/lady, thank you so much for your time across the whole year on this project. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of you showing your mettle and really embracing this fades project. Humbled ✌️

Peace out.



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