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Hello people.

Happy Easter Sunday folks. Did the Easter Bunny cross your palm with chocolate eggs? Hopefully, yes! If not, then we shall cross your palms with denim this evening…

As tonight we have the latest of monthly features from Michael aka @bigdudeindenim. Have you ever asked yourselves the question, “So where can I find stuff that fits?” Well, Mike is on hand to give you a few options that he’s found. Plus, seeing as how this is a community ting, he’s also called you guys out to let him/everyone else know any good’ns you’ve discovered 👌

I shall now hand the mic over to Michael aka @bigdudeindenim as he continues to pass on his thoughts regards denim fits for the bigger gent/lady. Enjoy!

Cal @clobbercalm.cal


My last blog was about getting the right size and fit for your denim. And the same rules apply for shirts and jackets as with jeans. You must know the actual measurements that will fit. Then, once you know what size and fit you need in both bottoms and tops, you can start looking to see what to buy. Which if you are a bigger guy/gal can be just as difficult as nailing down your size and fit. I have compiled a general list of clothing makers/brands that are heritage/workwear oriented and also make sizes that could fit some of us larger people. In this post I will go over some of the brands I am familiar with, along with my personal experiences with them, and also mention some brands who will be stocking larger sizes soon.

Railcar Fine Goods – Anyone who has read my previous blog posts here or follows me on instagram, knows I love Railcar. The owner Steven Dang is extremely hard-working and has built his company from the ground up. His dedication to his craft and his overall work ethic drives their overall success as a small business, and their customer service is amazing! All design and manufacturing is done in-house. This provides them the ability to expand their sizing and product line in whatever way they wish to. They make men’s selvedge denim jeans up to size 44 and can also work on custom fits. They are also currently working on expanding their women’s denim sizes as well. Their new shirt sizing is a bit wider and larger than previously and I believe their jacket/coat sizing will follow suit. An XXL for example will work for someone who is on the larger side of XXL or the smaller side of XXXL. All things considered, this is definitely my go-to company. I currently have 4 pairs of selvedge denim jeans, a pair of canvas flight trousers, 2 button up shirts, and a canvas chore coat from them and I have no doubt I will be adding to that as they release new items.


Encampmentco – Mike Ranta and Matt Baker started with a simple idea. To make the perfect long lasting denim jacket. That function first philosophy doesn’t seem to have sacrificed form at all however. Encampmentco is another small company that is currently designing and manufacturing in-house. They started with 3 jackets and have now expanded into button up shirts. They reached out to me a while back to collaborate on the ideal XXL size for an actual XXL person. They wanted to make something that was actually going to fit a bigger guy while also looking good. I sent them some basic measurements and after a bit of back and forth they had nailed the fit and made the perfect size for a standard XXL. Not crazy slim but not overly boxy or large. I have since worked with them on their shirting to the same capacity and I cannot wait to see what other pieces they have coming down the pipe.


Brave Star Selvage – Offering very competitive pricing and a number of different cuts, many up to a size 40, Brave Star is a solid company with great value. I have personally tried their True Straight and their Slim Straight fits, however neither worked for me. The Slim Straight had too low of a rise for what I care for, and the True Straight was quite wide in the legs. They offer a new cut called the Regular Taper however that looks almost perfect for me and I look forward to giving them a try soon.

Ginew USA – This company is run by husband and wife team Erik and Amanda. From their website, “Ginew (Gih-noo) is the only Native American-owned, premium denim collection in the world.” One thing is for sure. They make some pretty amazing pieces. Their waxed canvas riders jacket has been a favorite of mine for a bit, but their standout piece is their gorgeous Pendleton blanket lined “Heritage Coat”. Their sizing seems to run a bit larger than some other companies, making Ginew a solid choice for the bigger guy or gal. I have an older version of their waxed canvas Rider’s jacket (they are even better now) in an XL and it fits great when unbuttoned but is a bit tight when I need to button it up. An XXL would possibly be a bit loose on me.


Mercy Supply Co. – Founded by Rusty Zylstra, Mercy Supply makes some of the coolest pieces I have seen. I have yet to own one of their amazing waxed canvas jackets, but as soon as they get a re-stock I will be snatching one up for sure. They carry a range of products, but their shirts, jackets, and vests all look amazing. Their vests currently go up to 4XL and soon their jackets and shirts will get a re-stock up to 3XL. Their sizing seems to run just a tad small, so make sure to check their measurement chart before ordering.

Charles Miller Brand Denim – CMB Denim aims to provide the very best denim to age and develop with you during your personal journey. They currently have sizes ranging up to size 38 on their jeans and XL on their jackets. Come April they will have limited sizing up to a 44 on their jeans and an XXL in jackets/coats to follow. The passion and drive Charles has for his ethic and his brand makes me excited to try a pair for myself. April can’t come soon enough.

If anyone has any other brands they can recommend, please do. I would love to discover other brands and companies out there making clothing for us bigger dudes within this denim/heritage niche.

As always I am available for any questions, comments, or suggestions on topics. Find me on the gram: @bigdudeindenim.

~ Big Dude in Denim 27-3-18


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