1. (Brit, slang) personal belongings, such as clothes and accessories


I’m a guy that Sells Vintage Clothing. Wears Denim. Loves Redwings and by all accounts should probably shave more…depending on who you’re talking to that is!

The @clobbercalm website is basically my love for hard wearing things documented in a way that’s really easy to take in and appreciate over and over again. As it turns out, it seems other folk seem to feel the same giving this platform a little more purpose than first intended. All very humbling.

Birthed from a simple Instagram feed started (only) out of curiosity I stumbled into a world of incredible utilitarian menswear I had no idea I belonged to.


From the moment the penny dropped I was hooked and, well the rest is all over this site for you to see.

I was always obsessed as a kid with how things fitted, feeling as if I was wearing armour, and how the rubber studs on my Mitre Kicks wore down as I played one-kick on the street all year round! At this point i was only 12 years old. Obviously as I got older my tastes matured and once I saw Kurt Cobain sporting that worn brown safari jacket on the inlay to the Nevermind album my love for vintage and products that get better with age was born!

I have a huge respect for the people and businesses (artists) that create these products and keep the world of mass fast-fashion at bay, even if it’s just a little bit. It’s enough! I plan to take this platform, that has grown over the past 12 months, and spread the word about what these guys do as it’s criminal that their talents risk going unheard of.

With lots in the pipeline this journey is going to be extremely fun and fulfilling and I’m grateful and honoured so many of you are game for jumping in the back seat and taking the ride with me.

Don’t hesitate to reach out folks.
Ben @clobbercalm


2 thoughts on “About

  1. i didn’t even know this was a thing, i just spent the last 45 minutes reading the 10@10 interviews. I thoroughly enjoyed them. I can’t wait to read more!


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